How to get rid of those self limiting beliefs! Push shuffle not repeat!

by | Apr 10, 2015

What is the connection between a cassette tape and a pencil?

Younger generations will not make the connection between the cassette and the pencil. But if you recall using a pencil to rewind a much used and even loved tape, then you will appreciate the metaphor. But do you do this to yourself even now, play the same excuses over and over again in your head, until the tape gets stuck and then you pick up your metaphoric pencil, rewind and start over?

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cassette tapeHow often are you in a situations where you talk yourself out of (or into!) something with an inner doubting voice that holds you back?

  • I’m not…(insert adjective) enough
  • I’m too (insert adjective)
  • When (insert event) happens I will (insert action)

Do you feel stuck?

Many people feel stuck whether in their career or in their personal lives and accept this as inevitable.
[Tweet "But life is constantly changing and despite what we believe, so can we"]
One of the first steps in the right direction is to gain an understanding of what is going on, so we know what we need to change and work on. Once we know what our sabotaging pattern is, we have a head start.
We just have to recalibrate our thinking and  teach ourselves to push the shuffle button instead, to change  up the flow.

Here are 20 common self limiting beliefs that are stuck on repeat

    1. I’m not  (thin, young, clever, qualified, rich, successful, likeable) enough.
    2. If I just do this I won't... (be rejected,  feel unloved, be friendless, overlooked)
    3. When that happens I will be.... (loved, thinner, happy, successful, promoted)
    4. If he/she changes I will be  ......
    5. I have to stay in the relationship because I can’t make it on my own.
    6. I can’t be happy until the relationship/career is different.
    7. If they/he/she really  liked/loved me, they would .....
    8. I need to do more (xxxx) to  be worthy.
    9. I don’t know what I want.
    10. It's selfish to put my needs before others’.
    11. People/I can't change....
    12. I’m responsible for other people’s happiness, and they’re responsible for mine.
    13. I don’t deserve love, success, money, friends, a good career etc.
    14. If I pursue my own interests, my relationships will suffer.
    15. I don’t have time to care for myself.
    16. It’s too late for me to find love/a relationship /a new job
    17. If I speak my mind, I’ll be rejected.
    18. My career/home/ relationship should be better
    19.  If I'm too happy I am setting myself up for disappointment
    20. If I don't do this he/she won't be happy

A belief is defined is an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.

How do you know that you have a self-sabotaging belief? Generally if you pursue a course of action that leaves you dissatisfied, guilty, sad, disappointed, "less than" and unfulfilled, it is definitely worth thinking about. [

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