5 Steps For #SWO – Single Woman Optimisation

by | May 6, 2015

 Be more ‘Single Woman’

You’ve heard of Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Optimisation, but now The Serial Singleton (that’s me) brings you a brand new hashtag –#SWO- and a beginners guide to optimising your single woman lifestyle.

#SWO 3PlusInt'l

Single Woman Optimization #SWO


#SWO 1 – Refresh and update your content frequently

No, this does not involve a blog. It requires refreshing your approach to dating and going on dates frequently. When you date, don’t think about whether you’ll go on another one, and certainly don’t visualise a shared home or diamonds. Remove any desire for commitment from your mind. Tools include

Match.com and Tinder. If the Single Woman is in a specific niche—such as a love of the military, or firemen—then uniformdating.com is probably better. Lifehacker has a guide to the five best dating sites, and you may like to try them all. Why not!


#SWO2 Devise an intelligent link-building strategy

The #SWO approach to link-building requires that the single woman networks with her friends and proves to be such a sparkling addition to social occasions that they issue multiple invites for her to meet eligible men who they are sure will find her stunningly interesting, and have lots in common with her.

[Tweet “Yes, work on your sparkle, but don’t overdo the bling!”]


#SWO3 Sound keyword planning

The SW should sit down and think of at least 200 words and phrases that describe her single lifestyle. She then puts these in an Excel document and when writing profiles for either Match.com or Tinder, or for LinkedIn or Facebook, and unfailingly includes her top keywords and phrases in all her profiles. Also, as #SEOGirl says, don’t forget the long tail phrases, even if you don’t think that people will find you via “woman who loves red wine and pugs in X area.”

However, if you’re looking for fellow pug lovers who might be date material, browse through the fans of Doug the Pug on Facebook.


#SWO4 Identify your target audience

[Tweet “You need to consider this when working on your single lifestyle keywords. “]

Ask yourself: is your target audience looking for a ‘Pug lover” or is it more likely that they’re looking for exciting sex? The other parameters, such as age range, tattoos and musical taste are something to consider carefully.

Also, for best single life optimisation results choose your dates carefully. Fitness freaks and couch potatoes don’t mix, and I’m the latter. I don’t care how many Porsches he owns, or companies he claims to be CEO of, there is nothing worse than spending an evening listening to gym stories when you’re the type who thinks that ‘planking’ is something pirates used to do.


#SWO5 Consistent tagging for headlines and images

Never, ever uses labels such as “spinster” or “mad, cat lady”. [Tweet “We are “sanely independent” or “saucy-minded singleton.” “] Make up your own!

And don’t forget your hashtag – it’s #SWO to Single Woman Optimise your life.

Join me for more #SWO fun at The Serial Singleton.


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Eleanor McKenzie is a Northern Irish writer with a passion for art, literature, and red wine. She's worked at advertising agency JWT, edited a journal on European social policy and tried to teach teenagers the difference between "there" and "their". At 50+ and two husbands later, she loves the single life.
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