LinkedIn changes and why I don’t like them

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What do you make of recent LinkedIn changes?

LinkedIn used to be my favourite professional platform. The content was generally intellectually challenging and professionally informative. Now I have seen a change and I don’t care for it. Not all change is an improvement and if the wheel doesn’t need fixing – why do it? Many of these LinkedIn changes fall into that category.


Here are some of those LinkedIn changes and why I don’t like them

1. Pundits, tipsters and sh*sters

LinkedIn has spawned a sub-industry of so-called experts who send out tips by the dozen to us naive non-experts. It would be helpful if they could actually agree on something. Each of these tipsters has a different secret weapon for success, very often contradicting their colleague. Please could you all get on the same page! Quite often we will also see total sh*sters, who know nothing about it all. But that doesn’t seem to stop them joining the fray with their “10 career killing mistakes to make on LinkedIn”  and so on. You’ve seen them?  Of course.

2. LinkedIn LIONs

LinkedIn LION is an acronym for a Linked In Open Networker. They never hit DNK (Do not know) and will accept all invitations. This is all warm and huggy until they add you to their newsletter.  See pet peeve 3

LinkedIn changes

3. Spam, scams and self promotion

The platform has been over taken by the overtly ambitious either trying to spam us, scam us or just over-promote themselves. Companies, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, intrapreneurs, mompreneurs and the downright obnoxious, [Tweet “spew out updates as if they are trying to grind us into submission with “death by sound bites.””] I don’t want to see car adverts and silly greeting card notifications in my stream. Stop!

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4. Pulse – generic content

At one time LinkedIn Pulse was the preserve of a 500 selected influencers, or people who had a good reason for writing about something. They generally knew what they were talking about and for the most part their content added value.  Now, with every man, woman and dog on the platform able to publish a post, we see a deluge of content of such dire and generic proportions, that [Tweet “I’m surprised that the airwaves don’t grind to a halt, clogged with this garbage.”]

Some blatantly post adverts for their own products and services. Others don’t even bother to write anything at all, but just publish a direct sales url. I have been unable to find how to block all this sh*ite. [Tweet “This is one of the most irritating of the LinkedIn changes.”] Others use blatant click bait headlines to drive traffic to their (costly) programs.

Editor’s Note: There is now an update button to eliminate those!

5. Flooding

Now we can “like” and “share” à la Facebook, every time someone does this, it appears in my stream. Please have some degree of self-control and moderation! Tapping into your inner compulsion to click or swipe, many become helpless in the face of such seductive, short-cutting temptation. Doing this from time to time is fine. But if this is the sole form of engagement it needs an upgrade.

6. Creeps and perverts

Barrister Charlotte Proudman outed a sexist remark on her LinkedIn profile and opened up an exposé of the number of women who are approached inappropriately on LinkedIn by men. This happens frequently and even to me, a mother of three teenage boys,  who let’s make no bones about  it, had her hey day some years ago.  I was an R.E.M. fan for heaven’s sakes. They should all be blocked and reported.

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 7. Brand Blurring

LinkedIn changed recently, to offer communication and messaging systems very similar to Twitter and Facebook. On this platform we are now seeing updates starting with ” I know this is a professional platform but …. ” and then go on to post something that is so dull, asinine and inane it makes me want to fall asleep in my coffee. So don’t post it then! Put it on your Facebook page where your “friends” can “like” it and all will be cool in the world.

Especially mine!

How do you feel about the LinkedIn changes?

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