Success and morning routines of regular women

Morning routines –  do they impact success?

Morning routines

Morning routines

I am always amazed when I read about the morning routines of successful women. It seems they live in an alternative universe to me.

Adriana Huffington, breathes (never a bad thing) and commits her intention for the day.

A top super model does her  yoga routine. Anna Wintour plays tennis every day at 5.45 am.

A business leader checks her smart phone.

The morning is different for everyone.  Some wake up,  sleepy-eyed, a bit sluggish maybe, thoughts on the day ahead (or behind.) Some leap out of bed raring to go. Which category are you in?

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But what do average women do for their morning routines?

I decided to do a vox pops amongst my network to share what successful women do for their morning routines, to see if anything resonated or if they found them intimidating. Here are three typical responses.

Sammy  –  senior lawyer, married, no children

I am actually a rare breed I think. I’m a morning person and go to bed very early compared to most and even my husband, who is a night owl. I am usually in the gym for 0600. Sometimes I have a session with a personal trainer. A quick shower, hair and make-up, double espresso and head for the office. I don’t eat breakfast which is naughty – but I can’t face food.  I don’t talk either! I am completely thrown for a loop when I have to pull all-nighters or work beyond my bedtime, when I don’t have the energy to get up at 0500, which is common when we have deals going on. It takes me days to get my bio-rhythms on track and my husband, poor guy, says I’m poison! Then it all starts again.

When I’m working out, I do plan my day and would check my phone in the changing room. I  don’t know if it contributes to my career success. Managing my stress levels does stop me wanting to strangle my boss and my husband divorcing me.

Mindfulness 1

Hannah – Communications Director, partner, 1 child

My son, Ross, wakes before I do at about 0600. I try to squeeze an extra 10 minutes in bed by bringing him under the covers with us for a cuddle, but he soon gets bored. My partner and I take it in turns to get up with him to give him breakfast and bring the lucky one still in bed a coffee. I surface at 6.30, shower and hair wash, no make-up, grab a bowl of cereal before getting Ross dressed and ready for nursery. We leave the house at 7.30.  Quick kisses good-bye and that’s it!

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Anne-Marie –  Self-employed consultant, single, co-parents 3 children

I hate the mornings and they are different if the kids are with me or their father, and if I have a consulting assignment I have to travel to. I tend to work late at night when the kids are in bed, which means I am permanently sleep deprived. We get up later than we should at 7.15 to leave the house at 0800. I get the kids (3) ready for school, give them breakfast, and check their school bags. They are too young yet to be totally responsible. We are always missing a permission slip or a vital piece of gym kit. It’s bedlam! I drive them to the school bus and when I get back I have been known to go back to bed! Before I gave up smoking 5 years ago, I would have my first cigarette of the day!

Do I plan my day or set an intent? At that time when the kids are with me I can’t think beyond 8.30 and caffeine. On my own, I listen to the news and check my mail.

What is your morning routine – let us know! Does it impact success?


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