5 simple steps to be promotion ready in 2016

Do you know when you are promotion ready?

It's important to know how to be promotion ready

It’s important to know how to be promotion ready

Promotion is about pushing the limits of your current position. It’s showing that you are capable of going beyond the responsibilities you have now, and that you’re ready for new challenges. For many, being taken out of their comfort zone is part of the promotion process. Being stretched and challenged plays a vital role.

So why do so many people who possibly deserve promotion get overlooked and left behind?Tweet this

There do seem to be some common steps that individuals who are promotion ready have under their belts. This might be consciously, as part of a career coaching programme – but sometimes it isn’t. There are a number of factors which come together that makes them prepared for the next steps, even if there is an element of risk.

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Here are 5 simple steps to be promotion ready

#1 Know yourself

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” Aristotle

People who have self-insight, understand their strengths and weaknesses and show greater confidence. They are usually more open to feedback and willing to delegate. Because their self-work is already done, they spend less time worrying about themselves, what other people think and can focus on others. They will be more empathetic and more adept at reading both people and situations. Anyone showing self-awareness is open to opportunity and willing to step out of their comfort zones. They have a strategy and a plan to take those next steps. Their managers know they are ambitious. Research 3Plus carried out in 2014, amongst MBA graduates, suggests that a lack of a career strategy and planning hurts professional women. Read: Lack of career planning hurts professional women

Self-awareness is a critical career management tool and the beginning of a new year is a great time to start.  Read: Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

#2 Banish self-doubtsuccess

“The enemy of creativity is self-doubt” Sylvia Path

Eliminating self-doubt, showing confidence, creativity and independent thought will reduce the need for control and supervision. Self-doubt is a talent and promotion killer.  It keeps you in your comfort zone. When your managers are confident in your ability, they will trust you and your decisions. People that don’t require close management, tend to be promotion ready sooner. It means they are reliable in terms of judgement and process. Read: How companies benefit from employee self -confidence

#3 Create solutions

“Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions”  Tony Robbins

There are some who believe that the minute you have a back-up plan you are setting yourself up for failure. Having multiple options to consider means that you are covering all your bases, not necessarily that you are not pursuing your primary goals. Anyone with the necessary strategic analytical skills who show far reaching show vision, are usually good candidates for promotion. This means being visible to your senior managers.

#4 Stay humble

The poet Tennyson wrote that “true humility” is, “the highest virtue, the mother of them all.”

woman-and-corporate-ladderWe all know that arrogance and ego can, and does, lead to promotions.  But as a general rule the arrogant eventually trip up. Usually all by themselves.  Read: FIFA VW need more women in senior rolesBeing humble is in no way related to being subservient, but is a leadership attribute. Humble leaders are more highly respected and therefore more effective. Being able to craft success stories without bragging, is a skill.

Make sure you join my 15 minute Pop-Up Power coaching session  to learn the structure for doing this on January 7th.

Research in the Academy of Management Journal, Bradley Owens explained (Owens et al., 2011): “Leaders of all ranks view admitting mistakes, spotlighting follower strengths and modeling teachability as being at the core of humble leadership. And they view these three behaviors as being powerful predictors of their own as well as the organization’s growth.”

#5 Seek feedback

Self-aware, confident, humble and independent thinkers are open to input. They are good listeners. They are solid in themselves which leaves them open to unsolicited feedback, even if it’s negative. They don’t take it personally. Generally they anticipate and would ask for comment in advance. Women normally are considered to be strong on this type of inclusive approach. This makes them a good team player.  Good team players, who combine those other attributes, get groomed for promotion: Read 10 characteristics of a good team player.

So make sure you are promotion ready going into 2016!



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Dorothy Dalton is CEO of 3Plus International. A specialist in diversity and bias conscious executive search, she joins the dots between organisations, individuals, opportunity and success.

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