5 Tips to perfect your Elevator Pitch for New Year’s Receptions

You need your Elevator Pitch prepared – even at a party

The end of the year is approaching fast and before you know it, holiday season will be over and you will be attending many New Year’s receptions. These are great opportunities to reconnect with people in your network and to meet potential…Tweet thisSo it’s time to rehearse your elevator pitch and to make sure you have an impactful answer to that one question that many will ask you: “How do you do? What do you do?”.


Is your Elevator Pitch ready for New Year’s Eve?

That sounds pretty simple, because who knows that better than you do?

However, in practice, it often turns out to be more complicated. Rest assured, you are not the only one who finds it difficult to say at that moment, in just 30 seconds, the things about you that matter. The things that make your audience want to learn more about you or engage your services.Tweet this

Here are five tips to create an impactful elevator pitch:

1. Define your goal

What is the purpose of your  elevator pitch? Tweet thisWhat do you want people to say or do after you finish? Do you want them to visit your website, sign up for your newsletter, or set up a follow up meeting? You have to define your goal first.

2. Make a connection with your audience.

Despite the fact that many people start with their name, title, and company, don’t do it. It is not inspiring. Start with something that surprises. Make your introduction compelling and persuasive, that makes them want to hear more. Phrases that start with “You know how … Have you ever … Doesn’t it seem like …” are bound o catch your audience’s attention.

3. Define your ‘so what?’

It’s not just what you do. It is the value of what you do. It’s the ‘so what’. Why is it important and why is it interesting for that other person? For example: I am a trainer (among others). You may think: “So what? There are so many trainers out there. What makes you special?” so I would say: “I focus on women specific challenges and situations, so that they are prepared for leadership roles and are more apt to stay in these roles and be effective.” As you see, you can really influence what people take away from your pitch.Tweet this

4. Invitation

At the end of you pitch, you invite the other to do something. A call to action which is based on the goal you defined at the beginning. Make it something that is easy for the other to say yes to. If you ask for a 100.000 Euro project, chances are the other will say no. However, if you ask for a meeting to discuss opportunities further, you have far more chance to hear ‘yes’.

5. Practice!

As you will know well, it is not just what you say, it is also how you say it. Since you have less than a minute to make an impactful impression, it is important that you get the right message out. Tailor your elevator pitch to different audiences and practice! Tweet thisAfter all, practice makes perfect.

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Author Caroline Kersten.  I wish you a happy and successful 2016!

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Caroline Kersten is a founding partner of Leverage HR, where they specialize in transitioning talented women to the top and help organizations build diverse leadership teams.

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