High heels should carry a health warning

by Jan 16, 2016

My wake up call for high heels

High heels should carry a health warning

High heels should carry a health warning

There has always been a lot of debate about high heels. Seen by some as the ultimate power statement and by others as hobbling as foot binding and the cause of chronic health issues.  Read Elevator pitch or elevated heels. I am definitely in the power heels camp. [Tweet “I have a Carrie Bradshaw type relationship with my high heels.”]

In the US, the wearing of high heels creates $3.5 billion worth of foot surgeries. There are even products on the market to relieve the pain caused by high heel wearing. Dr. Scholl’s Petals are a must carry in my purse. Most events I go to now provide airline type slippers or flip-flops for female guests, knowing that they will have to kick off their killer heels.

I sprained my ankle over the holidays. I slipped on ice in a ski resort. I was wearing flat, snow sensible shoes. The attending doctor could tell from his examination that I was a devotee of high heels. Wow, he’s a psychic I thought. As you know I work in an industrial environment, so don’t wear heels during the day, except to meetings.

Long term wearer

However, I also wear high heels to go out and at weekends (where appropriate.)  In total I definitely spend more than 10 hours a week in high heels and have done so, for probably 12 years. I do favour the higher variety I have to confess.

The doctor told me in no uncertain terms that I am already classified as a long-term high heel wearer. I had compromised my muscle efficiency  and increased my susceptibility to strain. The higher the heel, the greater the damage.

5 dire health warnings from wearing high heels

  1. I am forcing my body out of correct posture to maintain my balance. Even when I am wearing flat shoes my corrective gait is embedded in my muscle memory. This apparently is already in evidence even at my age. That was frightening.
  2. I am applying pressure to my knees and the balls of my feet, causing potential long-term damage
  3. I am creating back problems
  4. I could develop arthritis, osteoarthritis more easily
  5. I am developing a bunion and could damage nerves and even hammer toes

As I look wistfully at my closet of shoes I now have to think about how I stand on the issue of high heels.

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