Wardrobe Decluttering

by | Feb 8, 2016

Wardrobe Decluttering- is yours in need?

It’s a daunting prospect, isn’t it …. decluttering your wardrobe?  You open the door, feel overwhelmed and immediately close it again putting off the task for another time. You’d really love to have that perfect, capsule wardrobe but don’t know how to achieve it. It’s your daily tool-kit and it’s important you have the best tools for the job.


Wardrobe Decluttering needed?

Many of us fall into one of two categories:

  • You’re drowning in stuff but find it hard to throw things out as your clothes represent memories and you’re attached to them.
  • [Tweet "You’d really love to have that perfect, capsule wardrobe but don’t know how to achieve it."]

Here’s a two-part guide to getting started on wardrobe decluttering:

Discover your wearing patterns

First, for the next month re-arrange everything hanging in your closet with the hangers facing the same way. Each time you take out an item to wear, return it with the hanger facing the other way. At the end of the month you’ll be able to review your actual wearing patterns.  Remember you may need to do this for both your summer and winter wardrobes.

Next, take everything out of the closet and lay it on the bed. You’d really love to have that perfect, capsule wardrobe but don’t know how to achieve it Starting with your formal/work wardrobe, Read: Dress for the job you want – not the one you have,  chose two or three of your favourites from each category that you know are your key took-kit items and make you look and feel good. Have fun playing around with these pieces making different outfits with them to get a sense of the flexibility of these tools and then put them back in the wardrobe in those categories.

Repeat the process with your going out and special occasions tools, and then your stuff for relaxing at home and hobbies. When the items are stored in categories you’re able to see more easily the full flexibility of your wardrobe so that you can just grab and go. It also helps reveal how you can mix a formal jacket with more casual trousers, for example, to create a great weekend or evening smart casual combination.

You may well have identified some holes in your tool-kit at this stage, or noticed some repeat buying patterns or even a distinct lack of colour. Make a note of the omissions and put those at the top of your next shopping list.

Identify the clothes you no longer wear!

 If they have sentimental value, put them into storage elsewhere, if not it is probably time to let them go. Maybe you could have a swish evening with friends and give your mistakes to someone who should own them?  Alternatively bundle them up and take to your local charity shop so they may be a blessing to others.

Next weekend you could do the same process with your accessories - all those scarves, belts, shoes, bags and items of jewellery, some kindly given, but rarely worn, past their sell-by date or beyond repair.

[Tweet "You’d really love to have that perfect, capsule wardrobe but don’t know how to achieve it."] And it’s perfectly OK to get some help if you’re having a tough time deciding, Read:How to be on trend with a professional dress code .  Once done, you’ll fall in love again with your fabulous new toolkit and realise that you can look and feel good every single day.  Tah-da!

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