Why a Simple Plan Helps To Reach Your Goals

by Feb 2, 2016

Reach your Goals

Trying to achieve your dreams and reach your goals without a plan, is like taking a flight only to find out the ticket you purchased had no designated destination assigned to it. Can you imagine getting on an airplane expecting to land in Denver, Colorado, when the pilot let’s you know that they will take off and fly until they run out of fuel.


Then he tells you he’s not sure how much fuel there is so the plane will land…somewhere…but he’s not sure exactly when or where.  He tells you it will be fun and all will be well, and not to give it another thought.    How confident will you be that you’ll make it to that meeting in Denver on time?

Ha, good luck with that!

No matter what stage of life you are in, the time is now for you to create a plan to support you to reach your goals.

 Here’s what’s most important in building a simple and powerful plan.

I call it the three-lane highway to success. You must:

  1.  clearly articulate what you want
  2.  have the right mind set to believe it’s possible and feel it
  3.  take joyful focused and inspired action.

The most important steps are:

1) The momentum begins with committing to a goal that is uniquely yours, one that you want and will make you feel authentically happy. To begin the process, make a list of what you want to have, who you want to be and the things that you’d like to do in your ideal life.

2) Once you’ve selected the goal that is most important to you, write it down and take time to create a new story around it; one that describes your future life as something that makes you feel great.

3) Next, identify the beliefs and fears you hold that are not serving you well; these are the ones that keep you from believing that reaching your goal is truly possible. How do you know if they are limiting you?  Say them out loud. If they don’t feel good when you speak them or think about them, then they are keeping you from getting the outcome you want. Join me in my live online coaching session for tips to deal with this if you feel stuck.

4) Once you’ve identified these limiting opinions about yourself or your circumstances, you must change them to something that makes you feel great when you think about it.  Write them down in the form of an affirmation and say them often.

5) Know why you want to achieve your goal and visualize the result by thinking about the new story that you have written often. See yourself feeling joyful when you are living in the moment of your achieved goal.

6) Lastly, don’t wait another minute to make a list of all the actions you can think of that will help you move toward your goal. Get out your paper and pen, write them down and complete your plan with your inspired ideas on how to begin.  Make a commitment by setting dates by which you feel certain you can finish them. Take action every day.

Turning your dreams into a reality doesn’t have to be hard or take a long time,  but it will depend on your ability to believe it’s possible with unwavering faith and focus. As you feel happier and more confident, you’ll feel more inspired to take the action you know deep down will get you there. Then, as evidence appears that you are getting the results you want, be grateful and you’ll receive more!

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Mary Lynn Ziemer Contributor
Mary Lynn is a Certified Master Life Coach, and will help you develop into the person you want to be and have the life you want to live. Success doesn’t just happen to us…but you can be, do, and have everything you want in life!
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