A Women’s network – the growth of 1230 TWC

A women’s network that really works!

Jackie Groundsell is MD of the highly successful women’s network, 1230 The Women’s Company Ltd (1230 TWC).

Women's network

Jackie Groundsell – women’s network


The Story

In early 2001 a very reluctant Jackie was dragged to her first networking meeting of women in IT. At that point not a great one for “all women events”, Jackie very quickly came to understand and  fully appreciate the value and potential of women’s networking. “It was a real eye-opener! In women-only environments, women network far more naturally – sharing and supporting. Something I’d not experienced in other business networking gatherings.”Tweet this Read: How women’s networks add value

Networking in the City

Sharing an office in the City, her own network of all-female support grew quickly and organically. An ever-increasing number of women who worked in the City,  met for lunch once a month to chat and support each other in business. She was then approached by Bromley Chamber of Commerce and so 1230 TWC Bromley was launched – creating business growth with buzz , not just for herself now, but also for other business women. Given that many business women are squeezed at either end of the day with family commitments,  lunch-time meetings proved to be the most convenient time for many. Read: 4 basic networking strategies for working Mums!

So hugely successful was this second group that soon women were asking if they could run 1230 TWC networking meetings in their own areas.

An interview and training programme was developed to grow a team of 1230 TWC Hosts. 1230 The Women’s Company was truly launched!

This dynamic networking business helps business women make the connections and find the support they need in business lives. Members can meet locally in the business High Street, share experiences and work together to grow business, through regular vibrant, buzzy networking meetings. Read: The Woman’s Guide to Sharing Career Achievements

Growing a women’s network into a business

For Jackie, this is a personally inspiring and satisfying: “Being able to see the synergies and connect business women, to see the “eureka!” moment that 1230 TWC training and networking provides as their businesses grow, is so rewarding; I am exceptionally fortunate to be in a business that I just love.”

Jackie knows only too well the challenges and pressures faced by today’s business women.Tweet this Meeting various personal challenges in her own life has given her great empathy with the wonderfully inspiring business women she meets and supports daily through networking. “I would say my can-do attitude and ability to talk are two of my greatest personal assets. I’m always up for a challenge!”

Jackie continues to run her IT training company as part of 1230 Business School, as well as public speaking, speed-networking sessions and conferences both here and overseas, and is constantly inspired by the business women she meets through her networks.

You can follow Jackie on Twitter @1230jackie Facebook Linkedin and Pinterest.

Jackie is always pleased to hear from you and if you would like to know more about 1230 TWC or being a 1230 TWC Host in your area in the U.K., just email [email protected]

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