Time for Self Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning our cherished junk

Spring Cleaning

Its time for your Spring Cleaning

The man in the BMW pulled up alongside my car and we exchanged half-smiles and complicit glances. We both knew why we were here and, in a perverse way, it felt good. We were self spring cleaning.  Simultaneously, wordlessly, we walked to the back of our respective cars and deftly began to unload our cherished junk. We’d parked in the back entrance of “Les Petits Riens,” our local charity, and we were each on a mission.

The seen-it-all-attendant manning the receiving docks helped me unload. Briskly, we first transferred my eclectic wares into waste sorting bins: vacuum cleaners (2 of them), punctured basket balls, VHS tapes, rusty wok, broken hockey stick, Nespresso machine (1.0 model), Paleolithic printer, Neolithic computer… With every hurled object I experienced physical elation. At the next dock I offloaded the salvageables: toys, skates, books, mattresses, TV. The guy thanked me. I should have been thanking him, so amazing did it feel to shed stuff.

Dumping vs. Acquiring

I’ve recently become a fierce proponent of dumping vs. acquiring, even before I’d picked up a copy of Marie Kondo’s international bestseller (published in over 30 countries) “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up.” Among other tips, Kondo gently incites you to use your heart to tidy-up and follow through on that vital self spring cleaning.

Torn by a familiar keep/toss conundrum?

Clutch said object (blender, hat, vase, ceramic what-not made by Suzy aged …. close to your chest, close your eyes and ask yourself: does this give me joy now? If the answer is NO, get rid of it.

Decluttering One’s Self

Gilly Post Junk

Spring Cleaning One’s Self

That’s for physical decluttering.[Tweet “But as a coach, I have to tell you, self spring cleaning and decluttering one’s SELF ain’t that different.”]

In my immediate circle I have witnessed friends successfully dump (in no particular order):

  • Guilt-driven behavior
  • Victim-like attitudes
  • Petty resentments (the ones that cost more to self than to the person being resented)
  • Attempts to “fix” a spouse
  • The drive to analyse or rationalise everything
  • The exhausting striving for incremental improvements
  • Relentless attempts to control everything
  • Over-committing tendencies (saying yes instead of saying no)
  • People that were sucking away their energy, soul or bank account

Among my amazing clients I have seen people jettison:

  • Old grudges
  • The need to be right all costs
  • The wish to have the last word at every meeting
  • The need to be in the limelight at all times
  • The need to please others at dizzying costs to their own well-being
  • The need for validation
  • The need to be perfect

I have watched them dump all sorts of fears and shed limiting beliefs, and I’ve enjoyed best-seat-in-the-house vantage point over what unfurls  for them (personally and professionally) when their self spring cleaning follows its course and such “stuff” is cleared out. Read: How to get rid of those self limiting beliefs! Push shuffle not repeat!

[Tweet “Spring is traditionally a time of starting afresh”]—new resolve, new exercise regimens, new commitment. To increase the chances of all this newness actually sticking, we owe it to ourselves to ditch some of the old, certainly the dysfunctional bits. The desk chair that won’t rise or pivot properly, the ball that won’t bounce, the printer that will never print neatly again. ead: 6 daily habits to boost your confidence

I returned from my drop-off mission with filthy hands and a spring in my step, feeling inexplicably lighter, energized yet serene. Definitely something to do more often.

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Original Post by Gilly Weinstein at SoGilly

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Gilly is an executive coach supporting international executives and multicultural teams on both sides of the Atlantic. Known for her fierce yet heart-filled coaching style, Gilly helps individuals tap into their strengths, become more emotionally intelligent leaders, and make decisions that empower them—and ultimately their organisations.
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