“What do you mean change my attitude?!”

by Apr 24, 2016


Originally Posted on January 31, 2016

Change My Attitude. Do we give changing our attitudes enough credit?

Change my Attitude

Change my attitude

Developing a good attitude

When I’m in the needs assessment stage with an organization looking for my help with developing their people, I always ask where their employees’ attitude are and I explore this specific to work, change, training and their leader. Each of these could be impacting their attitude, and if any component is in a ‘not so good’ state, it can directly impact the learning in the classroom. Very often I meet  a “change my attitude” look or even question. Who me? Here’s why change my attitude is an important statement.

 Often facilitators speak about three types of learners;

1. The vacationer– the one that has come to training for a day “off” of work
2. The prisoner– the one that was told they had to come yet not interested in training/work/other
Read: 6 Ways to Conquer the lack of Motivation #Infographic
3. The explorer– the one who has come to learn, explore and grow.
Imagine the impact in a training session if all three arrive for the same session. Kind of like life, yes?

Lessons start young

When my one son was young, he could wake up in a huff. He’d show up in my bedroom with a good morning growl. After this happened a couple of days in a row, I crawled out of my bed cocoon and walked him back to his room. I explained, “Today, like every day, is your day. Your day to make it what you want it to be. You get to decide how you want to take it on Sweetheart. So I’m going to tuck you back into a cozy duvet cocoon and you can lie here and think about what you want your day to FEEL like. And when you get that feeling, decide how you are going to bring that day to yourself. Then come crawl into bed with me.”

Did it take a couple times? Yes. Was the lesson worth it? Absolutely.

We – you and I – always have a choice with a change my attitude statement.

  • You can choose your attitude.
  • You can create your presence.
  • You can shape your intention.
  • You have the power to connect with the energy you want to bring to the day, situation or moment.

My guess is that when you are reading this, you are easily head nodding along. “Yup, I get this. I do this.”. Here’s the catch – when are you not?

I’m not suggesting we need to be grinning and dancing on rainbows all day, every day.

What I’m putting out there is that recently I have caught myself with some consistently negative attitude on two different, ongoing scenarios in my life. Bring the poor attitude, the situation seems/feels worse. Lighten my attitude, situation seems more breathable. Read: 10 characteristics of a good team player

Take one minute and reflect on your last week. Here’s when the “change my attitude” commitment works

  • Where did your attitude get in the way of handling a situation better?
  • What do you need to be aware of for yourself?
  • How would a tweak impact you? Others? The situation?

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Leading through Intentional Communication Nancy Milton works with leaders to be better coaches and employees to be better communicators. Covering 40+ competencies under the leadership skills banner including tough conversations, trust, level two listening, diversity & inclusion, partnerships, performance coaching, change leadership and self awareness + confidence.
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