Which are today’s top career sectors for savvy women?

Change Management

When selecting a career path it’s always hard to know which sectors to look at. All career coaches say “follow your dream and passion” but it’s always best to be in a sector that is looking to boom, rather than one that’s going bust or is past its prime. [Tweet “Not every profession is booming”].// <![CDATA[

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// ]]> The U.S job market is buoyant with unemployment at 5% , although Europe is in another period of uncertainty. So it’s important when looking at career sectors to choose the right one, not just for career progression but for financial and job security.

Here are 3 sectors that are poised for take-off which should offer enhanced opportunities for savvy women:


career sectors

Technology sectors are booming

In the U.S., technology is the predicted biggest growth sector. It is always a growing sector internationally. The rapid pace of change mean that the skill focus can switch, so there is a need for individuals in this sector, or those looking to break into it, to stay up to date or regularly acquire new skills.

Roberta an SAP CRM speclialist lamented the decrease in companies using her skill set after 15 years in the business and is busy retraining.   Cloud computing, Big Data, 3-D printing, security, the Internet of Things and robotics, future of work, mobile and social should all provide career opportunities. With a noted lack of women in the sector this should provide career opportunities for those with technical skills as well as business ones. Many companies are offering training opportunties to reach better levels of gender balance.

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Third Life

With Baby Boomers coming up to retirement any sector involved in the provision of goods and services to this demographic will be in a rising market. This could be in direct health care occupations – nurses, doctors, sheltered home carers, physio therapists, social workers, para-medics or dietitians. It can also be in industries that support older populations: medical devices, pharmaceuticals, modified transport, devices to assist the elderly such as domestic gadgets and mobility support. Add tailor-made leisure and travel services, as the younger Boomers benefit from sport and international trips. Boomers like to have experiences! Also include services that older people need such as chiropodist, house re-modelling and adapting, IT training and masseuses. As companies abandon pension plans there will also be a need for life-style, financial and pension planning consultants.

Professional services

expats need to brexit

Could Brexit help you utilise unused skills?

Professional services and consulting are set for a boost. According to data by CEB, job adverts fell by 700,000 in the week after the British people voted to leave the European Union. Post-Brexit will see a surge in demand for International Trade experts, change management consultants, European law specialists, lobbyists and anyone who has any insight into unravelling an aspect of the separation of the UK from the rest of Europe, and connecting it to other international geographies. You could be located anywhere including U.S., Canada, China, New Zealand. The FT and other leading newspapers suggest that lawyers, accountants and consultants are bracing for a post Brexit boom.

If you have any knowledge of languages, now would be a good time to brush up those skills or start learning new ones. Who knows what will happen if access to a multi-lingual talent pool dries up.

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A change of tactic

Consultancies are also being challenged to disrupt their business models away from per diem consulting fees which could offer women who reject the vertical career trajectory greater opportunity.[Tweet “Some of the bigger consultancies are offering “returnships” for women.”] Some big players such as Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Deloitte are all committed to stem the female brain drain after parenting leave.  This is all a step forward for opening up more career sectors to professional women.

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Picking your top career sector can seem daunting, but research and forward thinking can go a long way to ensuring you don’t get stuck in a dead-end.

Many people don’t start thinking about their careers until there is a problem. So take a few moments when you are relaxed, to understand what is important to you.  Have our Career Reflections Worksheets delivered right into your in-box.  Print them out in the old school way or keep them open on your phone. Use them as a guide to give your thoughts some structure.

Invest some time in yourself! Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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