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In a ‘man’s world’, be a female entrepreneur

These days, we are seeing the rise of the female entrepreneur. More and more women are making their mark on the entrepreneurial field, and business is taking notice. Women-led businesses are expected to generate over 5 million jobs by 2018, and businesses that have women in leadership positions find that more funding is easier to secure.

But all this change didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t happen organically. Long-established laws that discriminated in the availability of credit were abolished, and tradition—sometimes more entrenched than law—has to be upended.

That’s resulted in a wealth of opportunity for today’s motivated, inventive women.Tweet this They’re leading billion dollar businesses that have a global impact. For more details about how women are changing the face of business, and for some examples of female-led companies, use this graphic. (US based statistics have been used.)
Becoming a female entrepreneur opens up great opportunities provided that it is done strategically.

Infographic By the USC Marshall School of Business

Consistently ranked among the nation’s premier institutions, the USC Marshall School of Business is internationally recognized for its emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation, social responsibility, and groundbreaking research.
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