How to be LinkedIn savvy and get yourself noticed

Earlier this week we talked about Facebook for job search – now Sarah Arrow talks about LinkedIn

LinkedIn to find a new role

LinkedIn to find a new role

It goes without saying that you’re on LinkedIn, that you’re connected to your peers, and you’re actively networking in groups. This makes you one of the rare women that network effectively. Learn how to use LinkedIn to find a new role and to take your job search to the next level. Make sure you get the career of your dreams. [Tweet “Get ready to polish up your profile and reach to more people!”] With 99% of  head hunters and hiring managers checking out LinkedIn, you really want to make sure that you are highly and professionaly visible. Using LinkedIn to find a new role should be part of your job search strategy. For many women these rules are new.

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7 Steps using LinkedIn to find a new role with a knock-out profile

  1. Write a compelling summary. Capture interest with a summary that tells an engaging story and describes your unique value.
  2. Showcase your accomplishments. Use the experience section and links to other websites to demonstrate what you can contribute. Quantify your achievements and present your best work samples.
  3. Optimise your photo. Include a professional-looking photograph that conveys your personality. It’s okay to wear a hat on Twitter, but on Linkedin you want potential employers to be able to look you in the eye.

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    Make sure your picture is sending the right message

  4. Customise your URL. Visit the LinkedIn help section for instructions on customising your public profile URL. It will help you to show up sooner in search engine results.
  5. Pull it all together. These days, it’s common to change positions and even careers frequently. Give your profile a once over to ensure that it has a cohesive theme. Check that the details are consistent across different sections.
  6. Stay updated. Promptly add significant new developments to your profile. Examine your language to remove terms that are becoming overused and add the latest industry buzzwords.
  7. Create a Slide deck on Slideshare and integrate it into your profile. In a sea of bland, this will stand out on your profile.

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Knowing your way around the world’s largest professional network gives you an advantage in today’s competitive job market. Build that stand out profile to find a new on LinkedIn, because if you don’t, another smart woman will. Today using LinkedIn to find a new role is no longer an alternative option. It is a vital part of your career planning.

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