10 things to stop doing to get ahead

Cut out these behaviours to get ahead

Give yourself an edge to get ahead of the competition

Give yourself an edge to get ahead of the competition

Did you notice that from time to time most people are asking themselves: “What have I done with my life so far?” And did you know that those who have a beautiful story to tell about the way they lived, until that question comes to mind, are not afraid or sad about getting older?

I guess you would like to have a beautiful story to share about your life and leave an inspiring legacy to future generations. Don’t you?

If you do, read these 10 things that you should stop doing to get ahead and build up a happy and joyful life.Tweet this

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10 things to stop doing to get ahead:

  1. Waste your time and energy with negative people

Misery loves company! Negative people drag you down no matter how much effort you put into resisting it. Avoid them when possible.

  1. Attracting the wrong people

Put your interpersonal skills to good use and attract positive people in your life. As misery likes company, happiness loves company as well.

Challenge some of your view on the world and people and give yourself the best chance to be a winner in life. For example:

Some women say: “all men are pigs/ womanizers and irresponsible.”

Some men say: “all women are materialistic, they care only about money, fast cars, and fame.”

Any person holding that type of belief and views can’t recognize any other kind of people. For them, good people don’t exist and in the end, they choose what is familiar: womanizers, irresponsible, materialists, and however else they believe “all” people to be.

When you go to the market to buy fruits, for example,  you pick up the ones you recognize and seem most attractive to you, don’t you? So be more picky about who you have in your life.

Pick people who will help you get ahead not hold you back

Pick people who will help you get ahead not hold you back

  1. Trying to satisfy everybody

Know who you are and be self-assured that you are enough. Plus, remind yourself that those people who love grapes, might not like oranges no matter what you do to them. People are subjective, and they like what they like.

  1. Hide away from success

Are you afraid of getting successful? Listen, success rarely comes overnight; most often it takes time to get there. Therefore, you have means to adapt and accept it. More than that, when you get successful, you will know what to do with it and with yourself.

  1. Worrying about unimportant things

Most people say that their biggest issue these days are stress and worries.

Delay your worries for the appropriate time, which means to think of them when you have the resources, willingness, and need to solve them. If you can’t do anything right now to address an issue, put it aside until you do.

Worrying won't help you get ahead

Worrying won’t help you get ahead

  1. Judging, criticizing and doubting yourself

Almost nothing else can stop you to become the person you want to be more than judging, criticizing, and doubting yourself. Don’t give yourself useless/unnecessary hardship. Change those negative feelings into curiosity, compassion, and dreams of how do you want to be.

  1. Chasing an unachievable dream

Dreams are like a window into your future. They are great and powerful motivators. However, learn when is time to give up on a dream that turned into a nightmare.

Isn’t it rather sad to see an octogenarian still dreaming and pursuing to become the next Jimi Hendrix after he has done nothing else in life, feeling unhappy and disappointed?

  1. Allowing yourself to get lonely

Put your phone down, switch off your computer and meet someone dear to you.Tweet this Stay connected and enjoy the happiness and rewards that only a face to face human interaction can give you.

Make time to socialise and relax

Make time to socialise and relax

  1. Drafting with no aim

Set goals for yourself and stay focused on them. Build up your confidence and self-appreciation by accomplishing your dreams.

  1. Listening the advice of those who envy you

You could say that you are not doing that (listening to the advice of your enemies), but did you know we are more influenced by those people that we think don’t like us, rather than those that do?

Did you know that most people buy things don’t need just to impress people they don’t like? Most women don’t dress up to be admired by men but envied by other women and most men, when they buy expensive toys, it is to show off their superiority in front of other men.

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Taking the right steps

Now, maybe you don’t need to stop doing anything – you are the best judge of your life! Maybe there are things that you don’t want to stop entirely and if that is the case, change them into something better. And maybe, there are some other things that you just realized you should stop doing so you can get ahead. Listen, life is constantly evolving, grow with it. Don’t leave yourself behind.Tweet this

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