Changes in recruitment means you have to adapt to survive

Changes in recruitment

You have to keep up with changes to stand out

Changes in recruitment have been going on for years. But the pace of change has picked up rapidly very recently. All but the oldest dinosaur recruiter now uses social media to source candidates whether active or passive. So if you are a job seeker or want to advance your career outside your existing company a social media presence is mandatory. Today, according to tech recruiter Bill Boorman candidates will have as many as 40 touch points with the company they finally join. [Tweet ” These changes in recruitment will impact all job seekers.”] It’s important that you are doing what recruiters expect and in a way and place they can find you.
Communicate via LinkedIn

Make yourself findable and make sure your profile is up to date

It’s imperative to have a strong online professional presence

• Create a complete LinkedIn profile   – keep it updated
• Add a professional photo in line with your target market.
• Add a punchy USP and key-worded professional headline
• Showcase your skills, achievements and experience using metrics. Don’t get trapped in job description mode.
• Network and interact online in an appropriate way.
Head hunter Dorothy Dalton says “Although LinkedIn has dumbed down in the last year, it is still a major data base for all recruiters. Many women can be intimidated by the changes in recruitment and don’t fully understand the implications. They don’t participate or engage and can get left behind. They have to maintain their visibility even if they are not actively looking for a job. You never know about the job opportunities that you might miss because recruiters are not calling you.”

Keep up or risk being left behind

The savviest career mangers understand well that the changes in the recruitment process means they need to be more strategic. Recruiters get thousands of applications per open assignment and only spend about 6 seconds reading the upper part of a profile. Don’t forget your other social media accounts. Skilled recruiters use Pinterest and Facebook using complex Boolean strings to target the profiles they are looking for.
Doing your own inner work can help recruiters pick you faster

Doing your own inner work can help recruiters pick you faster



Dorothy suggests that it’s important to have a good understanding of your goals, but many women forget or don’t have time to do their inner work. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses and what industry sectors you want to target is critical.  Research companies especially about the conditions that make them attractive for women to work. There are new platforms springing up to offering social proof on the benefits and conditions available to women, as well ranking of the corporate culture.

Many job seekers think they have to have some cute gimmick to successfully get a promotion or a new job. “This  does happen occasionally, when people have amazing strokes of luck. But mainly that’s in the movies “ says  Dorothy. “The reality is that it is usually about getting the basics right and doing the hard work. The important thing is to keep up with the pace of change and the latest changes in recruitment. Job seekers must adapt! “

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