So busy making a living you forget to make a life?

by | Oct 4, 2016

When making a living takes us over

The Institute of Leadership and Management conducted a study in 2014 that showed working overtime is firmly embedded in the UK working culture. An incredible 76% of people routinely work late in the office or at home. 48% regularly work through their lunch-break and over one third (38%) work weekends. Making a living has taken over our lives to the point we are not actually living.

busy making a living

It seems I’m not alone in growing up to believe in hard work. However, it seems that hard work is not necessarily connected to the quality of the output, but rather the hours that you work. Right now as you sit here reading this, there’s an army of busy people furiously charging through to do lists, meetings, days, weeks and years of their lives. [Tweet "I have met so many people who believe that sacrificing life now will ensure a better future."] Let me let you in on a secret, exhausting yourself now only means you are missing out on your current happiness.

"Busy-ness" can prevent you from truly living

The truth is that “busy-ness” does not lead to a happier, healthier or more successful life. In fact if anything, it prevents you from truly living. Busy can mask your own fear, insecurities and you can use it as an excuse for almost anything. Busy has become a hiding place. So has making a living.

I say this as someone who has suffered burn out and experienced first hand how damaging “busy” can be. I have since, very happily, jumped off the busy treadmill and watched my health, relationships and happiness grow.

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4 ways to jump off the treadmill

1. You have to define your version of success

As an entrepreneur there are thousands of courses teaching you how to run a 6 figure business, what is a 6 figure business really? That could be a £100,000 or a £999,999 business and there’s actually a big difference in that. The question you need to ask yourself is, do you really want that anyway or are you being told that’s what you should be aiming for?
In the workplace, a title and pay grade might be one persons’ definition of success, whilst for another it might be doing great work they’re proud of. Read: Time is money, but how much is yours worth?

[Tweet "Be really clear about what YOUR version and measure of success is."]

2. You have to be ruthless about how and where you spend your time

When you lie on your deathbed I’m certain you want to look back at a full and happy life, surrounded by loved ones with memories of the time you spent together. Time is the one commodity we spend and never get back.  As a senior leader in a large corporation and someone with a very busy social life, I could very easily get pulled into “busy”. One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was to apply the two question rule:

1. “Am I truly adding value by being here?”

2. “Is this the very best use of my time?”

If I answered no to either question I knew I had to step back and re-evaluate.

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3. You must be clear about where you’re going and why

The reality is goals are often set without thinking about why they’re wanted or what will happen when they’re achieved. Examine your goals and ask yourself the real reason why you want them, what’s the motivation behind them? I often refer to the fisherman parable as I think it’s a beautiful way to summarise that often the things we want in life are closer than we realise or perceive them to be. Making a living is clearly important but look at your whole life goals.

busy4. Practice self care

[Tweet "Self care is the foundation of an happy, healthy and extraordinary life."] Putting your own life mask on first is not an act of selfishness, it’s a wise and considerate choice if you wish to continue to work at a high level without burning out and be able to provide support and care for those you love. If you continue to burn the candle at both ends, before too long there is no candle left to burn.

Schedule time to eat, sleep and exercise. Yes, you do have time, trust me. You’ll find it takes far less time and energy to look after a healthy body than a sick one. Don't neglect yourself at the expense of making a living.

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Make space and time for you and your hopes and dreams, don’t wait for tomorrow, for the next pay cheque, for the weekend, for summer. Make time for what makes you happy, it’s the fuel for life.

Don’t get so busy making a living you forget to make a life.

Many people don’t start thinking about their careers until there is a problem. So take a few moments when you are relaxed, to understand what is important to you.  Have our Career Reflections Worksheets delivered right into your in-box.  Print them out in the old school way or keep them open on your phone. Use them as a guide to give your thoughts some structure.

Invest some time in yourself! Don't wait until it's too late!

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Mel Noakes is one of the UK's leading Health Coaches and Self Care experts and specialises in working with busy professional, high-achieving women to balance their professional success and personal health and happiness. Her vision is for a world where women embrace their uniqueness, nourish their bodies and truly thrive. This mission stems from her own journey to health and happiness having battled with Eating Disorders and poor self care for over 15 years and burning out in the corporate career. She has shared the stage with Denise Lewis OBE, Victoria Pendleton, Rebecca Addlington, Madeline Shaw and she is a Huffington Post and HATCH magazine columnist. Formally the Head of Experiential Marketing for Sony Mobile, Melissa understands the pressures of a high profile role and what it takes to build a successful career. She's here to share how you can be successful without sacrificing your health, happiness or soul to find it
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