DC Women’s march goes global – now 57 countries

by | Jan 20, 2017

The DC women's march has gained international momentum

DC women's marchPresident Elect Trump's election campaign became divisive and blistering.  It was characterized by staggering and direct attacks against different demographics, as well as innocent individuals. His compulsive, late night vitriolic tweeting targeting personalities both at home and abroad, generated acres of column inches of amazement and objection from the world's media. But one group in particular took issue with the tone, content and plans for the future. That group was the women of the United States. Given the far-reaching impact of any President of the United States, many women across the globe feel equally impacted.  So when the DC women's march was proposed, it didn't take long for international sisters to appear in support.

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Global growth

Many women from diverse backgrounds across the US and now the whole world, have united to ensure their voices are heard. There will be series of peaceful and inclusive marches, many by candle light, to speak out against what they experience as being a dialling back of women's rights and an undermining of their position. The Organisers in the US  say the US election proved a

“catalyst for a grassroots movement of women to assert the positive values that the politics of fear denies”.

The organisers are also keen to present the march as a proactive stance on women’s rights and empowerment across healthcare, education, economic stability, political representation and safety, as well as protecting the Paris Agreement on the environment and climate change and defending human rights.

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And so the marches planned for Washington DC  have gone global.  At the time of writing 616 are planned. Their initiative  has grown beyond expectation. At the last check, 57 different countries are holding one or more  of the total marches. The message is that in an era when American influence is powerful, any themes that include the misogyny and xenophobia aired by President Elect Trump are not in line with the values of the majority. Anywhere.

lightsforrights map

It is not just young, active feminists who are taking to the streets with their candles, but a whole range of women from different walks of life and different countries, who feel anxious about the next four years. They wonder what further damage this misogynist can bring. [Tweet "Women's rights are human rights."]


Jessica a 69 grandmother in London told me:

"I toughed my way through the male hierarchy in the 70s and 80s. There is no way I'm going to stand back and let any man, especially not one in a position of global power and influence, legitimize and make it OK to grab women by the "pussy." It's white, wealthy, male arrogance at its worst and I fear he has unleashed a beast. [Tweet "Apathy and extremism are a deadly combo"] which is why I'm going, even at my age!"

Tasheka of  Montgomery in Alabama emailed me to say:

As a woman of color I fear for not just my own rights but the rights of my daughters and their eventual access to Affordable Healthcare and Planned Parenthood.  We are living in scary times.

In Brussels, a city described as a "hell hole" by Mr Trump, many thousands intend to march in solidarity in their #Lights4Rights  march on the day of the inauguration. Marie-Paul said:

I find Trumps unapologetic, misogynist and racist comments unacceptable from an international leader. They are likely to spread and I have a problem with that.

Historically it is well-known that women are more measured when they react, but when they do it is also known that: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"

Or in 21st century language

[Tweet ""Never underestimate a pissed off woman""]

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