Top 5 Virtual Presentation Prep Hacks

Learn from these vitual presentation prep hacks how to prepare for Optimal Webinar and Virtual Presentation Delivery

How to make a lasting impression with your virtual presentation

How to make a lasting impression with your virtual presentation

There’s a lot of talk nowadays about what to do and what not to do during a webinar, but how do you get in the right mindset prior to your next event to allow your creativity and authenticity to naturally flow? I am please to share the top  5 virtual presentation prep hacks and techniques to deliver an engaging, composed in-person or virtual presentation.

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5 virtual presentation prep hacks!

1. Mind and Body Balance: Find a relaxation routine that boosts your awareness and drains your pre-presentation tension.Tweet this Many breathing techniques, yoga poses, and meditation practices are ideal for stress relief and optimal relaxation. Apps like Calm, Headspace and Ananada have everything from quick five-minute meditations to extensive one-hour sessions. If you don’t have much time, something as simple as finding a quiet space, placing your hand over your heart, and slowly and deeply breathing in and out for a few minutes can bring you to a calmer, more collected headspace. Remember, balance is not something you find, it is something you create.
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virtual presentation prep hacks
2. Rehearse Rehearse Rehearse: These are my three favourite words when speaking about any type of presentation, meeting, or event.  Your practice time is well worth every minute you dedicate, because it can help your presentation run like a well-oiled machine. No audience wants to watch a speaker stare at their notes. When you loose eye contact, you loose connection. Know your presentation inside and out, upside and down, around every corner and backwards. You cannot over practice.
With practice comes ease, and with ease comes composure. Tweet this
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3. Use a Mirror: Rehearsing in front of a mirror is one of the oldest and most effective tips to improve your presentation aesthetic and audience connection. We all know practice makes perfect, and what a better way to perfect your stage presence than staring it straight in the face? By watching yourself in the mirror you can tweak your body language, become more animated, and lighten up that twisted face that sometimes takes over when you’re particularly focused. This allows you to see what your audience sees, and perfect the art of sharing your passion with a natural and genuine charisma.
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4. Build Your Team: I cannot tell you how many times I have presented virtually or in person and experienced a technical issue.   When you don’t know your back up crew and the role they play things can go awry very quickly.  You may lose composure very quickly. This isn’t so important for team or casual meetings, but if you have a sales presentation to give that means the difference between $0 and a $1,000,000 contract, it is reassuring to have a “support crew” behind the scenes.  As it’s been said, you can never be over prepared.  Better safe than sorry in my opinion, especially when it comes to a presentation you’ve already invested a significant amount of time and money in. I suggest having a moderator, producer, scribe or time keeper prepare with you and attend the live presentation. Having extra help can eliminate unnecessary nerves and worries; that in itself will allow you to be even more calm, collected and engaging with your audience during your virtual presentation.
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5. Design a Relaxing Environment: The majority of the finest webinar presenters commit a significant amount of time designing their presentation space to give them the most inspiring, comfortable environment. Prepare your space with props that calm and relax you. Pictures of your family or close friends, squishy balls, fish tanks or soothing scents can do wonders for your nervous system. Know yourself; find what charms your mood. Discover what makes you present, engaged and calm, and utilize every ounce of it.

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Kimberli, founder of Everything Webinar, is an international virtual presentation skills trainer, coach and webinar strategist. She has worked in the virtual collaboration industry for almost 12 years and has been an entrepreneur for nearly a decade. Kimberli has either managed, produced or hosted over 15,000 virtual events and is well versed in instructing others on how to effectively engage the virtual audience. Kimberli has designed customized training programs such as Webinar Basics, Webinar Production Basics, Universal Symbols, Make An Impact With Color, How To Create A Professional Virtual Office, Virtual Cognitive Load and many others.
Since founding Everything Webinar in 2004 Kimberli has worked with such clients as Nike, Cisco, GlaxoSmithKline, and TAB Products to name a few. She has personally coached thousands of clients in more than 29 countries and is 3Plus International’s vendor of choice for training our coach’s in virtual presentations and online collaborations.

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