Challenging yourself is best for your career

by Feb 15, 2017

Why challenging yourself is best for your career

It shouldn’t be scary, it should be rewarding

My sister shared a story about how in playing ping-pong with her grandson recently she was able to win matches. Her grandson was in the process of learning a new technique of spinning the ball, and while ultimately this new technique should give him the upper competitive hand, in the interim, the learning curve has been slowing him down.

I could sense her admiration for her grandson, as he focused in on a goal and was willing to lose a few matches in order to achieve a greater vision. His ability to embrace the discomfort of change was empowered by his confidence in the future.

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Why challenging yourself is best for your career

This immediately made me think of my careerist clients, many of whom have not experienced the discomfort of job search in a very long time–or perhaps ever. When preparing to change career course – whether prompted by a layoff or by an internal desire to jump ship for something newer and more challenging – unfamiliar, uncomfortable and vulnerable feelings often emerge.

Moreover, once they have made the decision (or are forced into the decision through being let go) to make a career move, careerists often want to move quickly. Their desire to take action and ensure their next-phase job goal materializes puts them in a sense of overdrive, often empowered by anxiety.

To ask them to slow down a bit and embrace the learning curve of depicting their value through an articulate series of story points and portfolio messaging feels uncomfortable and frustrating, and initially deflating. That being said, this time of discomfort is where the true growth happens. Challenging yourself may seem daunting but now is the best time to do it.

Here are three tips for challenging yourself

1. Learn to love the resume building process

Challenging yourself is best for your career

Challenging yourself is best for your career

Shaping a new resume, while not a one-two punch, is in fact exhilarating for you and your career. Perhaps the most integral part of the job search begins (and ends) here, as a resume stimulates and drives the overall conversation, from piquing employer interest through to the interview exchange and on to salary negotiation phases.

Tip: Remind yourself of the moments behind each job title and career achievement; it’ll help remind you of the joy you felt during that process.

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2. Stop staring at the watch

While deadlines and specific time constraints should definitely be met, give yourself enough time to not have to worry about time. When the pressure of meeting a deadline is removed from the process there’s a greater likelihood you’ll let yourself enjoy it.

Tip: Once you sit down to exert these muscles, flip your phone over and turn away from all clocks, so that the temptation to measure time is removed.

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3. Two steps forward, one step back is not always a bad thing

There are certain skills that call for multiple missteps before you’ve perfected them, try not to punish yourself for tripping through the process. Instead focus on how diligently you’re moving forward and challenging yourself.

Tip: Jot down words of encouragement on post-it notes around your workspace — they’ll be gentle reminders of why patience is key during this process.

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The multifaceted introspective process involves digging into emotional and rational thought layers to enable gems to emerge. It may require you to lose a few initial interview opportunity matches to the other candidate while you up your game. In the long run though, the overall journey will be worth it.

Adapted from a post originally posted on LinkedIn on January 30th 2017


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