7 ways to move on from rejection

by Feb 18, 2017

7 ways to move on from rejection


We have all experienced rejection. It hurts like hell and feels rotten.  Your ego is bruised, you feel embarrassed you might even feel humiliated. You wonder if you could even hold your head up again without blushing. You might even try to convince yourself it was a bad idea in the first place. You might blame circumstances, other people or even the boogie. But rejection can serve a purpose. It can be wake-up call that action is needed to get back on track or correct a problem and become an opportunity to try something different. Here are ways to move on from rejection so it needn’t be the end of the world as you know it.

 #1 Learning experience

Make rejection a learning experience. You can wallow in the “poor me/loser “ role, or you can commit to learning from the debacle and looking for the takeaway message. Spend some time on analysis, but not too long. Getting caught up in the blame game and  “would’ve/should’ve/could’ve “ can be equally damaging and take you to an unproductive place.  Ask your friends when they think you are at the end of your venting limit and need to get into solution mode.

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 #2 Re-frame the situation

Be very clear with yourself and everyone around you that you are disappointed and re-frame it in the overall scheme of things. Is it really a catastrophe? Re-framing the situation in a cool and neutral way helps you get over the emotional bruising. How long this takes will depend on the situation. If you have lost your job you are not “completely incompetent”. If your relationship ends that doesn’t make you “an unlovable person.”


move on from rejection

Re-frame the situation in a cool and neutral way

#3 Disrupt yourself

Ask yourself if you need to get out of your comfort zone to move forward? Reward yourself for being brave and pro-active!

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#4 Set your own limits

Don’t let your self-worth be defined by the opinions and perception of others. Be your own person. Know your strengths and do your inner work. That will carry you forward. If you have a skill set deficit that is not a career-ending issue. You do not need fixing. You need training or to find someone with that competence who can fill the gap.

Use these Career Reflection Worksheets to create a career strategy and plan.

#5 Create a plan

Now is a useful time to complete a SWOT analysis  – what have you got going for your and what are the risks involved? What can you do to stop this becoming a pattern?

#6 Practice self-care

Rejection can take its toll. Be careful not to self-medicate with ice-cream or cocktails. Look after you. Fire you Chief Doubting Officer or inner critic and give yourself a good dose of healthy self-talk.

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#7 Go forward with confidence

Give yourself time for recovery but keep an eye on the timeline to make sure you don’t wallow. Yes, you’ve had a knock, but there has to come to a point when you have to get back on the saddle, feel the fear and all those other lovely clichés and just do it. Scary I know -but so worth it.

If you are hesitating  – it’s time to give yourself a nudge. If you are stuck ask for help!


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