The Value of Self-Leadership – How to develop yourself

Self-leadership is about taking charge of yourself to make the most effective impact and be your most resourceful self. This means that you are able to firmly influence yourself (and therefore others) to achieve your objectives.

Self-leadership impacts all areas of your life, including your career, relationships, health and well-being. Self-leadership involves approaching all activities with purpose and intent.Tweet this Enhanced self-leadership skills are important in a world beset by ambiguity and uncertainty, where the ability to navigate an uncertain world is vital.

Self-leaders are self-aware, self-confident and show self-belief.Tweet this They are also committed to life-long learning.

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3 Steps to Self-Leadership

Self-leadership is critical

Self leadership is critical

1. Self-awareness

Self-leadership is about having a vision and understanding of your key core values. It’s about insight into your negative triggers and knowing how you self-sabotage with toxic thoughts. These are your inner negative self-doubts, sometimes called your “inner critic” that hold you back. They are the small voice or voices that keep you in your comfort zone and block change and moving forward. They are not only a critical voice from an earlier life which resonates like this:

  • Why do you always……??
  • You’re such a …. Dope/idiot/slouch

They can also be around simple language choice. These indirect thoughts which seem less strident also serve to limit your thinking in much the same way. When your thoughts are limited your actions will be too.

  • I was only…
  • Unfortunately I…..
  • I’m not very

Achieving mastery of your own thinking is a key self-leadership skillTweet this but to reach that point you need to understand your own values, vision and purpose.

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2. Self-confidence.

Self-leadership is rooted in knowing your strengths and weakness and understanding what you do well. When you know what you do well you will also know what you do not excel at. This gives you the ability to delegate, accept feedback and listen attentively to ask the right questions. You are confident enough to own and share what you don’t know.

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3. Belief in self

Don’t forget self belief

Belief in self gives an understanding that whatever comes your way you can handle it. It makes you innovative and creative and less risk averse. without self-belief we lose confidence because we fear making mistakes and become over-cautious. We may micro-manage others or be unwilling or slow to take decisions.

Self- leadership allows us to influence with purposeful intent.Tweet this When we have this in hand we can measure our impact and build a path to personal and career success.

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