4 approaches to tackling bullying in the workplace

Having addressed the cost of workplace bullying in a previous article, here are some top tips on approaches to tackling unwanted behaviour in the workplace.



 4 tips to approaching bullying in the workplace

1. Commitment from the top

When bullying behaviour is ‘managed’ by moving an individual to another team staff are given the idea that it is accepted by those in charge. Viewing these issues and a company-wide problem and issuing a relevant response will support a change in culture.

2. Developing behavioural standards

Do you have corporate values in your organisation? Do you live by them? Or laminate them? Developing a set of behavioural and cultural standard that are role-modelled by management gives a tangible measure against which to manage people’s behaviours.

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3. Early identification

Identifying bullying or harassing behaviour early through regular conversations with staff.Tweet this Highlighting the ability to discuss any behaviours they are concerned about is key. These can come in the form of 121 meetings, surveys and exit interviews.

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4. Structure and support

Provide employees with access to resources and support to deal with bullying behaviour.Tweet this An Employee Assistance Programme with anonymous helplines will reassure staff that their concerns can be handled confidentially. Alongside this, structured policies that identify the process to alert management to any bullying or harassing behaviour provides support to the individual when they report it.

Do you have issues with bullying in the workplace? Do you think your staff feel confident to discuss issues of unwanted behaviour? 


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