How to find passion in your job – 5 top tips

Struggling to find passion for your work?

find passion

When was the last time you felt excited about work? You know that springing out of bed, can’t wait for the day to start kind of feeling? Well if its been a while since you had that feeling or if you find yourself dreading going to work then it’s time to re-engage and find your passion.Tweet this

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How to find passion?

Passion and work may seem unlikely bedfellows but it is possible to be in love with your job and to really, really enjoy what you do – the problem is many people seem to have either forgotten what drew them to the job in the first place or they have become trapped in something that they just fell into, and now can’t see a way to change.

The things is, and I know this is cliched, but we do only have one life and we spend a huge amount of that life working so we really want to be doing something that makes our ‘soul sing’ and leaves us feeling fulfilled.

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Tip 1 : Be clear about what you would like

Ask yourself ‘If I didn’t have to worry about money what would I do? How would I spend my…Tweet this List all the things you would love to do. Consider how you could incorporate more of them into your every day work life.

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Tip 2: Reframe what you don’t enjoy

It’s not possible to enjoy and have passion for every part of your job so take the bits that you find tedious and see them in a different light. So if, for example, you hate the finance part of your role reframe it as a time to play the numbers game, set your self a mini challenge to complete it and make a conscious decision to enjoy one thing about it. Keep building on this each time you have to tackle that part of your job – who knows over time you may even start to look forward to it.

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Tip 3Change your Mindset


Can you see work as a game? Playing games allow us to be spontaneous, creative and have fun. Work doesn’t have to always be serious so lighten up and work out how you can bring a different energy to your career and your working environment. Start small but be conscious and make a change everydayTweet this that brings more enjoyment and passion to your work.

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Tip 4: Be Dreamy

Give your subconscious some airtime and make a Career Mood Board – create a collage of images and words that ignite your imagination and your passion. Begin to notice the themes and patterns and how the images and words link together, think about what they mean to you. Consider whether the vision you have created means you can achieve this in your current career or whether you need to be focusing on something different.

Tip 5Where is your passion right now?

Consider what are you already doing in your life that you love – if there is something you are passionate about you are probably already doing it or participating in it already – can it be combined with work? How would your career or your organisation benefit from you bringing more of your true self into work?

Originally posted on LinkedIn on May 3rd 2017

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