Unquenchable Self-Belief - Don't believe that your skills are limited to natural ability

I recently became a Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs, City of London and at the ceremonial dinner, the new Master, Kate Jolly, quoted Chris Oakley OBE’s definition of an entrepreneur.

“[Tweet “An entrepreneur sees an opportunity which others do not fully recognise”], to meet an unsatisfied demand or to radically improve the performance of an existing business. They have unquenchable self-belief that this opportunity can be made real through hard work, commitment and the adaptability to learn the lessons of the market along the way.

“They are not diverted or discouraged by skepticism from ‘experts’ or from those from whom they seek backing and support, but willing to weigh all advice and select that which will be helpful. They are prepared not just to work seriously hard but to back their judgment with personal investment at a level which will cause problems if they are wrong about the opportunity. They understand that achievements are the result of team work and knows how to choose the necessary blend of talents and inspire them with their vision.”

The idea of unquenchable self-belief is something that I believe we all need to develop, entrepreneur or not. Do you have it? It’s something that I aim to nurture in my coaching clients. Here are 10 ways you can start to develop it for yourself:

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1. Dare Yourself

Set yourself a challenge, it doesn’t have to be jumping out of a plane. It could be visiting a restaurant by yourself, going away for a spontaneous weekend trip or taking that class you’ve been too nervous to try. The more you do these things and recognise that nothing bad happens as a result, and in fact it’s much more likely that something good will happen, your self-belief will improve as a consequence.

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2. Have a Beginner Mind

[Tweet “Focus on learning rather than perfection. You must be open to not knowing it all”]; to learning new things and even unlearning what you thought to be correct. You are on fragile ground if you always need to be right as your self-belief is then hinged on having all of the answers. Try being curious and open to new and different perspectives. Not needing to have all the answers is a great way to develop your self-belief.

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3. Ask ‘Why not me?’

[Tweet “Those with unquenchable self-belief don’t ask ‘why me?’ but instead ‘why not me?’”] They don’t talk themselves out of opportunities, but look for the reasons why they’d be perfect for them. We find what we look for and the more you accept opportunities, the more you’ll realise that you can rise to make the best of them and of course increase your self-belief as a result.

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4. Focus on Today

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If you are thinking of the mistakes of the past, or worrying about your future, you are not enjoying your present. The act of being in the now allows you to focus the reality of your current situation and take one small step at a time. Here’s an example, I start my new job today, I could spend my time thinking about all the things that went wrong in my last job and hope that this job will be better, or I could start worry that they see potential in me and wonder if I am as good as they think I am, or I could focus on making this day the best it can be, getting to know people and the organisation. Being focussed on today is the best use of my energy and will build my self-belief, because I as I get through today successfully, I will feel more able to turn up again tomorrow.

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5. Touch it, Taste it, Smell it, See it, Hear it

People with unquenchable self-belief visualise themselves feeling confident and achieving their goals. They actually take time out to picture in detail how they want things to go. They use all five senses: touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing to make the situation that they want real for them. Sports people are excellent at doing this and research shows that sportspeople that train hard, gain the extra edge through visualisation and mindset training.

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6. Don’t Follow the Crowd

Especially if your crowd is full of people who don’t have self-belief and have given up. Instead surround yourself with people who believe in you and inspire you. We all know those people who drain you, they see the negative in people, situations and themselves. When you are developing your unquenchable self-belief keep away from them as much as possible and find a group, join a community, network with people with self-belief and importantly belief in you. This will help you to realise that self-belief is possible and you can begin to take others positive perspectives of you on board.

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7. Find Your Mantra

What do you repeatedly say to yourself? Are you even aware of it? Try saying this Mantra to yourself ‘I believe in you, (Insert Your name)’ This is the same message that you would give to a friend or family member you care about, now is the time to start doing it for yourself! Make this mantra your screen saver, have it on post it notes on your mirror, keep it in your purse or wallet. Keep repeating it until you have developed unquenchable self-belief.

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8. Be an investigator

Most people fancy themselves as a private investigator, well this is a good time to go digging for evidence of your skills, qualities, attributes and successes. Get feedback, and look for clues which when pieced together could improve your self-belief. Perhaps you could 360 degree feedback at work, or you could ask for LinkedIn recommendations and see what people say about you.

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9. Have Company

In order to stay on track, I recommend that you find a trusted confidante: a buddy, sponsor, coach, or mentor. A person that you can share that you want to develop your unquenchable self-belief with. That person can hold you to account, walk alongside you on your journey, provide guidance if you go off track, and help you see how far you’ve travelled.

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10. Share Your Know-How

Sharing what you know and seeing how valuable it is to others, is a fantastic way of developing unquenchable self-belief. Skills, qualities and knowledge that you take for granted can be life changing for others. Seeing your expertise through their eyes helps you develop your self-belief. You could start to this by becoming a mentor to a less senior colleague.

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Originally posted on LinkedIn on December 4th 2016

Jenny Garrett Contributor
Jenny Garrett is an Award Winning Coach with over 11 years experience of running a Global Business. She is a Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs – City of London and was listed in Brummell Magazines Top 30 City Innovators 2016.
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