Can I copy paste my CV onto my LinkedIn profile?

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What happens if I copy paste my CV onto my LinkedIn profile?

copy paste my CV onto my LinkedIn profile

There is much discussion around the content for a LinkedIn Profile and a resume and whether they should be different. But how important is it really? Is it that big of a deal? [What really happens if I copy paste my CV onto my LinkedIn profile?

Dorothy Dalton head hunter and career coach says

“I have never been involved in any evaluation session where a candidate has been penalised for having the same content on their LinkedIn profile as their CV. If you have a good skill set then that is what counts.

But and it’s a BIG but..

A LinkedIn profile offers a lot more scope for creating a broader story and it’s the place now that all recruiters look first.To under-utilise it is to miss a big career opportunity to showcase your career achievements and enhance your personal brand. You never know what opportunities are out there that you could be missing. If competition is keen a superior profile can also give you an edge.”

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Enhance your brand

Your LinkedIn profile is a chance to recount your career story in a different way. This is your opportunity to go broader and deeper. This is the spot to showcase an overview of your career highlights and especially bring together your valuable transferable skills.  You can also weave in some elements of your personality giving the backstory to a career achievement rather than paring it down to a minimum.  You can’t tailor your LinkedIn profile for every job you apply for, although you can target it strategically in line with your goals.

The way you tell your story can give some idea of the type of personality you are.  It is the place where you can include any projects details with links to GitHub, graphics, SlideShare presentations and videos.

Donna Svei, Executive Resume Writer is a big fan of the visual possibilities via the Media feature:

“You can use your profile photo, a background image, and rich media to amplify your written narrative.”

 You can upload videos and presentations using the edit function on your profile.

LinkedIn also allows you to present your results and show case your achievements with endorsements from your colleagues.

A resume is more focused and tailored and used principally for job search. Once hired, it is a second point of reference, while a LinkedIn profile allows you to continue enhancing your personal brand. LinkedIn is a global data base with 600 million professional members and one 99% of recruiters and head hunters use.

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8 LinkedIn MUSTS

  1. Create a value added tag line. It doesn’t have to be your job title.
  2. Pack the first two lines of your summary with your key core message and complete the space of 2000 characters.
  3. Add success stories under each role. Flesh out with media options.
  4. Add to the skill section
  5. Look for recommendations and endorsements
  6. Engage in dialogues
  7. Post updates
  8. Write an article yourself

So to answer your question can I copy paste my CV onto my LinkedIn profile? Yes you can, but it’s not recommended by anyone in the know.

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