5 Things To Consider When You’re Trying To Attract Your Dream Company

by | Aug 27, 2017

Get ahead when trying to attract your dream company

Job searching is never easy especially when you're trying to attract your dream company. Here's 5 things to keep in mind when you start your job search.

As I lay in bed at 3 a.m., distracted by dear hubby’s snoring sounds erupting in my ears, I realized a correlation between this not-so-gentle disruption and the disruptive tenor of today’s job search.

Technology makes the process more accessible in a multitude of ways, but also manages to create unrealistic expectations on what a resume and cover letter should actually look like.

During daily conversations with job seekers, many via social media channels, I often am asked how they can ensure their resume words are heard and spark that elusive call for an interview. This is when the clatter begins, in an effort to appeal to the hiring manager, a job seeker goes above and beyond in adding a slew of words onto a resume that translate solely as noise, without getting to the true heart of the person's value.

I witness job hunters’ zealous ‘hope’ to hand off this unfiltered career braindump to someone to magically push through a chute and out the other end, causing the resume and job opportunity to now miraculously and harmoniously be linked together.

That said, I also find eloquently targeted conversations. Such elegant conversation is fleeting, however, and like the snoring that disturbed my ears this morning, the constant Twittering, chatting and self-promoting often is distractive and disruptive. For these reasons, I find myself purposefully signing on and off social media, so as not to be perpetually distracted.

As such, my advice for job seekers to tune up their job search, and attract your dream company, in 2017 includes:

attract your dream company

Make your words unique.

Develop unique career lyrics that add value to the social media orchestra. Hone your search goals, then create and share a message that’s tailored for that specific search, instead of trying to check off all possible avenues of getting hired. Embracing a unique strategy will help you in the long run.

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Make your individuality work for you.

Be somebody with unique talents and problem-solving abilities focused on precise employer needs; avoid the ‘everything to all people’ approach. Tune your instrument to fit within a particular employer’s ensemble.

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Be proactive.

Remember, your resume rhythm must resonate with an employer’s needs; research those needs and adjust accordingly to create a befitting tone. Like stringed, brass and woodwind instruments that coalesce to create a symphony, the combination of your skills with the right complementary environment will ultimately harmonize to help you achieve your goals.

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Toot your own horn, but not in every room of the social media house.

Because you blasted your value on Twitter doesn’t mean you must stream it into LinkedIn and Facebook. Loud and omnipresent doesn’t create a buzz; instead, it creates the buzz-saw snoring sound that drives people away.

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Stop listening to all the voices.

If a specific platform is adding more noise than a meaningful sound, don’t be afraid to cut it. Find your quiet place, refocus and then return to the specific platform once you’re ready and you’ve found a way for it to add value to your life. Plus, prioritize rest and unplugging — it will help you stay energized through the rigorous job search.

Bottom line: You can control your actions, and ultimately, the outcome to achieve YOUR target goals during the 2017 job search, and beyond. It’s about observing and researching the corporate symphony with which you wish to unfold your music stand. Find your dream company and court them with your perfectly practiced career notes.

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Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, owner + Chief Career Writer at CareerTrend.net, is 1 of only 50 master resume writers + has crafted >1,500 interview-compelling career stories. Her BA in writing/journalism allows her to apply a journalist's eye to your career.
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