Mid-Summer Roundup 1

Catch-up with our most popular posts of the early summer in our Mid-Summer Roundup.

As the lazy days of summer are upon us let’s look at some of the top posts which generated interest over the last weeks:

Big message for job seekers and networking. HUGE.

Dawn Metcalfe wrote an impassioned PSA post for job seekers to respect her and her time and to STOP sending out generic emails to people they don’t know. Heaven forbid if they even try to critcise recruiters.  Read more:  Don’t expect me to care about you if you don’t care about me and me time 

Why AI won’t stop unconsicous bias

Dorothy Dalton rails against the click bait headlines of software companies claiming AI can eradicate unconscious bias in recruitment. She suggests that unconsicous bias can’t be eliminated – only managed. She cites this lovely quote from Dr. Joanna Bryson of Bath and Princeton Universities.

Read:AI won’t stop unconscious bias in recruiting

Learning to say “no” is a key leadership skills

Alli Polin tells us how learning to create personal boundaries in key to effective performance and worl life balance and why we need to learn to say “No”


Why women need more “Amplification”

What would happen if women stepped up and spoke out for each other? The strategy of amplification first tested by White House Staffers in the Obama Adminstration found there are significant rewards. Find out how.


Read: Women need to practise amplification

The Magic of Career Resilience

Sarah Archer writes about the magic of career resilence. Learn  how to bounce back, survive and thrive


Read: What’s the magic ingredient of career resilience 

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