More than one job offer – tips to make the right choice

Here are some tips to guide you if you have more than one job offer

Lucky you? Or clever you?  You have more than one job offer and are spoilt for choice. So how do you make that critical decision and select the role which is right for you? Will you make the right decision or end up kicking yourself?

more than one job offer

 Align with your goals, values and vision

The job that pays the most is not necessarily the best job for you. Draw up a list of your top priorities and then compare both job offers against that list. Choose the offer that aligns best with your career goals, lifestyle and overall values and vision. Really reflect on every element of the process, the person you would be reporting to and  all other benefits. This is the time to recall that a hiring process is a two way street.

Inge a Sales Director in a software company left her job because of the macho culture that predominated within the company. She accepted an offer she “couldn’t refuse  –  silly money really” with a competitor, even though the values, especially of her boss were no different to the job she had just left. She turned down a lower paying job and later regretted it. She had jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

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Career development

A major consideration when reflecting on two seemingly equal offers is to examine career opportunities and personal development support. You may not be looking for a long career with an organisation but a kick-start with a high-profile company as a spring-board for later opportunities. Someone at a different point in their career maybe looking for career longevity, with a stable and well established organisation.

Manuela left business school and selected a big brand financial services organisation from a range of offers, not because she saw her whole career being with them, but as a trading-up opportunity in three years time.

“The outfit pays well but expects blood sweat and tears in return. I was 27 at the time and was willing to do that for a few years but intended to switch to a company that offered better lifestyle options when I was nearer 30. I wasn’t interested in other lower paced outfits at that point in my career. I wanted to be stretched and to earn some money to repay my business school loans”

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Opportunities for women

One criteria for many women is to assess the overall gender balance in the organsiation, including the number of women in senior roles, the gender pay gap,  maternity and family leave and so on. Social proofing sites now exist where information is becoming increasingly available for women to check this out.  But remember to take a long view. Sometimes decisions are based around temporary factors such as childcare which will soon disappear.

Brigit opted to accept an offer from one organisation because it was convenient for her daughter’s day care centre. She turned down a higher paid and more senior role to save an additional 20 minutes commute each way per day for two years.

I was short sighted. The person who took the job I turned down has had accelerated career success. I could have hired a nanny (probably two!) to take Chloe to nursery for the salary differential. I just couldn’t get over the 40 minutes extra commuting and it became a fixation in my head! Think long term. Any inconvenience is usually mild and short term.

It takes 6-9 months to find a job so  your decision requires careful and strategic consideration. The fact that you have more than one job offer on the table now may not happen again, so take the time to reflect and make the right choice. Consider outside support from a coach if you get too bogged down in your own head!

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