Feeling bored with work? 7 tips to refresh your career

7 steps to refresh your career

It can be easy to lose momentum and end up dreading work rather than enjoying it. Here’s 7 ways to refresh your career and get your spark back.

It’s summertime and the living should be easy! But maybe you’re feeling a bit tired and bored with your job. It’s easy to find yourself wishing you were somewhere else or dreaming your life away scrolling through Facebook.

If that’s the case then now is a good time to make some space to refresh your career thinking with these seven easy steps. You can do them all in one go or work through one a day for the next week. They are simple but effective and can make all the difference to how you feel about your career.

refresh your career

1- Relationship:

Just like any relationship in our lives, our relationship with work can benefit from some care and attention at times. How is your relationship with your work faring? Make a list of what is going well and identify areas that may need addressing and make a plan to bring things more into balance.

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2- Energy:

If you feel you work energy is low and your get up and go has, well, gone then it’s important to spend time working out how to get it back and increase it. Think about activities and interests (in work and beyond) that boost your energy and how you can build more of these into your life and work.

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3- Focus:

If you find yourself drifting and being unproductive at work then you may need to refocus. Consider what would you really like to focus on at work and whether there is scope to do that at work. Have a chat with your boss about making it more of a reality.

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4- Resilience:

Checking in on your resilience level is valuable and worth taking the time to give it a boost. The pace of life and work now is so fast we need to be able to cope with change and bounce back when things get tough. If you feel you’re not as resilient as you want to be then check out these ideas in ‘What’s the magic ingredient for career resilience’ to strengthen it.

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5- Enthusiasm:

We can’t be enthusiastic all the time for what we do but feeling real enthusiasm for a work task can make it much more enjoyable. Think about something you did that you were really enthusiastic about and identify what factors contributed to the enthusiasm. Identify what you could do to recreate them for future tasks.

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6- STOP sign:

Is your work ‘STOP’ sign in need of dusting off? The lure of the laptop and seduction of the smartphone mean that boundaries between work and non-work time are easily blurred.  Complete a career audit to make some changes.

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7- Humour:

Is work fun? Who or what brings fun and/or humour to your work? Think about how you can contribute to making work more fun and do something different now!

So make some time and hit the refresh button on your career. If you don’t feel any different after you’ve done so then get in touch for a free clarity call about how you can create a career that you do feel enthusiastic and excited about.

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Sarah is a regular contributor to The Guardian Careers expert Q&A webinars, specifically around interviews, CVs, and career change. She is also a regular contributor for WomenInTradeUk magazine, and a guest blogger on careers for LondonMums Magazine and the CareerBuilder site. She recently completed an MSc in Career Coaching (Distinction) and is a Fellow of the CIPD.

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