8 tips for a top online application

How to make sure you nail an online application

It seems you can’t apply for any job now without having to go through an online application. Never fear, here’s 8 tips to get the most out of it.

Job applications increasingly now take place on the internet, with the completion of an online application form, usually via a company website. Completing these can be time-consuming and frustrating, as candidates attempt to make each individual presentation come across with the right blend of compelling and competence. There is a strong temptation to rattle something off and  it’s hard to know how you can stand out with something so rigid and structured. Many organisations offer the opportunity to set up an account and allow the basics to remain constant, so all you have to do is vary a small amount of information. But even that can present challenges. Very often you don’t hear back and the process can be demoralizing.

An online application is regarded by many as a key part of the cyber black hole, but  job applicants are still compelled to go through the process. Liz Ryan a US based career coach lists 10 reasons why they are a waste of time. But even so, if  you want a crack at a job – you have to take a shot.

So how can you make that more effective?

online application

Here are 8 key tips for the best online application

1- Set aside a specific amount of time in a calm environment to complete the project. You might be excited by an opportunity but there is nothing to be gained from working on it in haste, on the fly. Unless you absolutely have to, don’t do this on your phone and make sure you save all your efforts as you are going along. Many candidates report spending time creating a smoking application only to lose the content in the ether. You may want to return to it later to tweak it. If you are tempted to dash something off -anything to get it done. Don’t. An online application needs as much thought as a CV.

2- Apply well in advance of the deadlinee in case there are changes. One company was so inundated with applications in the first 3 days they closed the opening right then. Remember the words early and birds. It may mean waiting a couple of weeks longer for feedback, but at least you won’t be excluded.

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3- Follow the process. Yes it is dull and repetitive, but candidates who don’t follow the system  in an online application can find themselves being cut. If they ask for a cover letter, don’t think by not doing one they will think you are smart. Others who have sent in documents as requested will be given priority. Everything potentially adds value.  If you attach a copy of your CV make sure that there are no anomalies. Your resume doesn’t have to be word for word identical, but all dates and main point have to coincide.

4- Read all the documents thoroughly  – make sure you have fully understood all the material that has been made available for you to read.

Download: Returner Roll-Up #2 Create a plan for your Online Job Search

5- Target the job advert so that you address the key pain points required for the job and strategically include key words so your application form can be retrieved by the company’s ATS.

6- Using the Be FABulous formula, mirror language used on the company website and in the advert so you appear to be a good cultural fit. You want to present yourself in the best possible light showcasing achievements and success stories.

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7- Check thoroughly especially for typos.

8- Save all documents and print the form as a pdf is you have the option.

Following these basic steps to create an effective online application will at least raise your chances of getting an interview. If you are still stuggling contact 3Plus.

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