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Freelance Social Media Intern

To join the 3Plus  team 

The previous job holder has moved on to the job of her dreams! 3Plus now has an opening for a Freelance Social Media intern to join our team. This is a remote, online and hourly paid role with hours varying from month to month, but estimated to be on average 5 per week.

You should be digitally savvy, passionate about gender balance, have a good eye for identifying content both academic and current affairs that will appeal to our readers. A little bit of creative thinking would also be a bonus.

Hours are by arrangement and will suit someone who would like to be self-scheduling. We don’t care when and where you work as long as the job gets done. We also offer the opportunity to write and publish your own content, in line with our target audience of professional women. So an added bonus for aspiring bloggers.


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Our social media intern will be responsible for:

  • Identifying and curating content of interest to our readers and followers from social media sources
  • Scheduling social media content via automated apps
  • Engaging with followers as appropriate across social media platforms
  • Identifying and working with keywords associated with our sector
  • Editing content provided by staff writers for our 3Plus eGazine


The ideal candidate

  • Fluency in English and highly literate
  • Comfortable working in a digital landscape
  • Established personal social media presence
  • Willingness to learn
  • Some knowledge of gender balance and diversity hot topics
  • Would probably suit student or similar, but we are open to anyone else who is open to learning.
  • Creative mindset
  • A good eye for detail

Full online training and support offered for effective onboarding.

Please send your current  CV in confidence to Nicky Jesse –

Learn more about 3Plus International here: 


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