Featured Post: 4 pick me up tips for instant self-care

by Nov 27, 2017

Ambiguity needs instant self-care

Follow these four quick tips from 3Plus International for some instant self-care

I have never encountered so many people who feel the world which has been familiar to them is shifting.  In times of uncertainty when your world and mind is filled with “mights” and “what-ifs”  that sap your energy, it’s time to put all of this into perspective. Now is the moment for instant self-care.


4 quick tips for instant self-care

#1 Think positively

Keep your mind open and think positively about any new situation. You can actually train your mind to think positively. Identify any potential benefits of a situation or relationship, or consider ways to rectify something that might have downsides. Focus on what you can control. Create plans to cater for any contingencies. Change is the only constant in life and although you can’t control the future you can anticipate outcomes and plan accordingly. Ask yourself “what is the worst thing that can happen?”

# 2 Reframe the situation

How we respond to disappointments or challenges is very often more important than the circumstances themselves. Reframing is a valuable tool to put things into perspective. How disastrous are these events really?  To what extent are we exhibiting F.E.A.R. (False Expectations Appearing Real) and imaging negative outcomes that exist only in our minds? This is the negative tape playing in our heads which hold us back.

But even negative thoughts can have an upside In her book, The Positive Power of Negative Thinking, Julie K. Norem examines at the notion of defensive pessimism.  This is when you anticipate the worst and then planning strategically to deal with any possible outcomes. Creating a plan or series of plans will be part of your way forward. Having a plan gives a big boost. It becomes a risk management and assessment strategy.

#3 Use feedback for growth

When people are negative towards us consider why that might be. Are they being critical for the sake of it or is their feedback valid? Ask for clarification using attentive listening skills – “help me understand “ why the person spoke or reacted in such a way.  Sometimes an individual can lash out for reasons we don’t understand. But if they are in a position where they are authorised to give you feedback, make sure you use their input for growth and not resentment.

Worth a look: Would you like to have some general career coaching or input to deal with specific issues but prefer to work in a group of either friends or colleagues? Small group coaching, Lunch & Learn

# 4 Practise Self-love

Show some self-love. Congratulate or reward yourself for any success. Treat yourself to something special to show yourself that you value your own skills and achievements. Share your success with your boss or partner so there is a record.  It is OK to toot your own horn.

Read: The Woman’s Guide to Sharing Career Achievements.

Be clear that whatever is going on in the wider world or even your immediate community, professional or personal life, all you can do is be your best self as often as you can. Just as we see with cabin crew who show us inflight safety routines, we can’t take care of anyone else, until we take care of ourselves first.  These tips for instant self-care are a good place to start.

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Invest some time in yourself! Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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Found that interesting?
Learn more about our services for building inclusive workplaces

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