Featured Post: Career survival tips in agile organisations

Agile organisations means being prepared for all career eventualities

Companies have changed to become lean and agile organisations. They can alter your career in a flash, so you need to be prepared for change too. 

When I was a kid I was a girl guide. I know it’s a stretch. The motto back then was “be prepared”. Every week we used to hold meetings with pally salutes and songs. We learned essential skills such as lighting a fire with two matches (always useful) and cooking on it (always inedible). I suspect this is where my deep suspicion of camping is rooted and why I’m a big fan of walls around my bed, not canvas. But today, the prevailing motto of “be prepared” is one that many women could well be advised to revisit, especially in today’s agile organisations.

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Agile organisations


In my extensive coaching experience, my observation is that women tend to be caught unawares and are frequently unprepared. Research from Catalyst suggests that women tend to focus their careers internally within organisations, while their male colleagues look outside. Women are certainly not prepared for unexpected career eventualities, at the same level of two matches and twigs variety. This is to their disadvantage. Having survived the recession of 2008, you would have thought that lessons would have been learned. But seemingly not. Many have slipped back into complacency. For some it’s as though it never happened.

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We are seeing the emergence of “lean and agile” organisations. This is business speak for being able to shed and adjust relationships, quickly and easily. This can be via lay-offs, cutting back on contractors, pay freezes, non renewal of short-term contracts and cancelling training and development programs. Or not having them in the first place.

Selma is a Business Analyst. Her short-term contract has not been renewed and two weeks before her termination date she is looking for a new job. She was hoping that the company would reconsider. They didn’t.

Bryony is a long serving account manager who always meets her targets. At the top of her pay grade she was “downsized out”. The new organisation will use younger, digitally competent talent. She had become out of date and expensive and easily replaced.

Morgan was let go on her return from maternity leave. And yes it is illegal, and yes it does happen.

Whatever the situation, it’s important to be prepared at a minimum level

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Here are 5 basic tips to be prepared in agile organisations:

  1. Have a F$ck off Fund to avoid being a N.I.N.J.A.  (No Income No Job No Assets). 6 months salary is an ideal number, even though that is hard  to achieve in today’s economic climate.
  2. Have an updated CV ready and on your phone at all times.
  3. Maintain and complete your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Network proactively on and off line, all the time. Download our free eBook to make the most of LinkedIn here.
  5. Have a Got To Top 10 – who do you call in a crisis?

Adapted from a post  originally published on www.dorothydalton.com How to be prepared for all career eventualities

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One of the most puzzling things about working in executive search is that people and I say this reluctantly particularly women fail to plan ahead. You’ve heard me say before that only 5% of women have a career strategy. This means that they are not prepared for any emergencies until they become a crisis.


Goal setting tips to boost your career
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The happiest people are those that really love their jobs. Those that don’t, dread Sunday nights and the upcoming work week. So how do you get to a place where you look forward to a new week of doing what satisfies you? You’ll have to either learn to love your current role, or make a commitment to pursue your dream job. Use these goal setting tips to help you get to where you want to be.

Some women choose the latter, and to do so you’ll have to set career goals to get where you want to be. So make sure you have a detailed plan on how to land a job that you will tick all the boxes.

The majority of women choose to stay in their own organizations and even then you still need to have goals, not just KPis set by your manager. But even if you do see your career developing within your current business it’s still important to set goals.

Many women struggle with career planning and creating a career strategy which can lead to problems. This makes them vulnerable to and sort of challenge which can moprh into a full blown career crisis. Some simple steps to plan and prepare can help avoid this.

Take a look at these goal setting tips to help boost your career and set you on the right path.

Lewis Carroll  said

If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there.”

Research shows that only about 5% of women create career goals and a career strategy. This can have a negative impact on your career progression. It means you are reactive not proactive and career glitches can morph into full blown crises. It puts women at a clear disadvantage to men.

Learn these simple goal setting tips to boost your career and protect and prepare you for all eventualities. If these goal setting tips make you think that you could use some further help,  contact us immediately.


When Does Female Rivalry Turn into Sabotage
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There’s a lot of stuff written on social media about  female rivalry and competition between women. Some of it makes sense and some of it is confusing. Organizations are pyramids with fewer roles at the top than at the bottom. It is inevitable that at some level, as more and more women are in the talent pipeline, at some point they will be in competition with other women.

Many would say that women aren’t competitive. I would suggest re-framing that. I think it’s more accurate to say they are not as competitive in the workplace as men. We have also been made to feel guilty about being competitive. We need to get over that.  Here are the reasons:

  1. The male nature of corporate culture makes it a disincentive to compete
  2. Women don’t want to compete because  prescribed male goals are not attractive enough for them. “Work 14 hour days, not see my partner or family … get sick.. die..no thanks.. I’ll pass”
  3. Women don’t know how to compete in the workplace. They are new arrivals on the corporate competition scene and lack practise.
  4. Women experience gender blow back when they do compete, from both men and women
  5. Women have been raised to think that competing with other women is not empowering them. As more women enter the talent pipeline that is just nonsense.

Learn some insights from Annabel Kaye, Employment Law Expert about how it’s OK to be competitive and the danger zone when it can turn into sabotage. Understand the benefits of mutual support and how all women can profit from having strong strategic allies, role models and mentors.






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Dawn Metcalfe, author of Managing the Matrix and Hard Talk, shares with us  tips to achieve the lasting communication skills needed to tackle the difficult conversations we encounter in the workplace. Hard Talk answers the big questions like:

  • How do I manage a boss who insists on micro-managing me?
  • How do I let a high performer know that they are not getting the promotion he wants?
  • What can I do about a direct report who doesn’t show me respect?
  • How do I tell my boss that despite all efforts our deadline on an important deliverable will be missed?

In this podcast, Dawn Metcalfe will give us an overview to handle challenging scenarios to empower you with the skills needed to ensure you have these conversations in the best way and generate the best outcome. Make your workplace and your professional experience more fruitful and less fraught by learning the importance of Hard Talk.