Leadership Emerges: Easy Steps to Find the Leader in You

by | Feb 5, 2018

An alternative way to find your leadership skills

by Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

Do you think of yourself as a leader? No? Really? What if it’s sitting inside of you waiting to come out? Your leadership emerges when you become aware of where it is within you.

Many would tell you to picture yourself as a leader. Although this works for some, it often stifles others as they envision leaders they know and they don’t see themselves. Here is another approach that works for most people. Try this alternative to find how leadership emerges from you.

Your Leadership

Leadership Emerges With These Easy Steps

Picture yourself doing something positive that others around you don’t do. What would happen if you did it? Could it create a wave or a movement? Your leadership emerges from your positive actions even when you aren’t the official leader.

Self-awareness is essential for personal development. 3Plus can help you with Leadership Assessments so you can identify your leadership development goals.

Easy Steps to Finding the Leader in You

  • Picture a setting like work or your personal life.
    What unique positive actions would you like to initiate?
  • List the habits you’d be willing to break that would lead yourself in a new direction? This could inspire/lead others in the same direction.
  • Picture yourself bucking a trend to explore the less popular. What would you discover? How could your discovery help others to explore new roads?
  • List the behaviors you would want to see in your leaders. How can you live those behaviors now? Check this list of what respected well-liked leaders often do.

You can find the leader in you when you break your patterns

Do this enough and you will lead moments of change with others. Whether you become the official leader of a team is not the point. Your leadership emerges as your passion or insight for a change shines through. When you practice leading change in your own life, your leadership emerges to help others at critical points.

Break your patterns and the leader in you emerges.

Executive coaching uncovers and expands the leader that only you can be. Make the leap and get Leadership Coaching from 3Plus NOW

What have you already discovered about the leader in you? 


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