The best ways to get from goal setting to goal achievement

by | Apr 18, 2018

Achieving your goals is hard work

But getting from goal setting to goal achievement is critical to success. Read these 7 daily tips

We read about the importance of goal setting on an almost daily basis but there is a big gap between goal setting and goal achievement. To set a goal you need to have a vision for what you want to accomplish. The next key step is to write it down. That makes a critical difference. Goal setting and the connection to success and happiness is well documented. But there tends to be an action gap to get from the creating of goals to making them happen. It's that gap we need to close!  Few of us do this on a daily basis. I know I struggle.

So whether you want to lose a few pounds or get a new qualification or improve your relationship bridging the action gap from simply creating goals to making them happen is the most important part!

goal setting to goal achievement

7 step daily plan to get you from goal setting to goal achievement

#1 Write down your goal

Writing your goal down – where doesn’t matter, bumps your goal from your subconscious and connects the vision to reality. It is the first step into making a tangible commitment. If it’s a goal that requires daily or weekly attention, make sure it’s part of your daily and weekly goals.

#2 Create a timeline

Set a date or a time frame when you want to achieve your goal. If it’s a big goal break it down into small achievable component parts.

#3 Commit to the right attitude

Build the right mind-set and attitude to help you achieve your goals. This could about reading inspirational books or blogs, or watching podcasts.  Commit to completing at least one part of your plan every day so that you are moving closer to your goals on a daily basis. If there are any barriers or triggers to set you back which interfere with creating good daily habits, learn how to overcome those.

#4 Grow your skill set

Identify your personal development needs and make sure that every day you are enriching your skill set to get you where you want to be. This could be menu planning, leadership skills or exercise routines.

#5 Take the first step

Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Sheryl Sandberg said “better done than perfect."  Take that first leap and don’t worry about the consequences. Getting on the path to where you want to be is more important than not starting. If taking that first step was hard – reward yourself for the effort and the result! You've done it!  This will motivate you to take the next steps.

#6 Continue to completion

Keep on going, taking each step no matter how slowly. If you lose ground or falter –don’t see that as a reason to stop. It’s not the end of anything, just a blip. Pause, reflect and regroup and pick up where you left off. OK so you ate some cookies when you wanted to lose 10 pounds, but losing 5 pounds is better than no weight at all.

#7 Set new goals

When you have accomplished these goals look to the future. You have rewarded yourself for every small achievement and hopefully a bigger reward one at the end. Now is the time to look ahead and take those vital steps towards your longer term vision. Building a plan to help getting from goal setting to goal achievement is an invaluable life and career skill.

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