5 feminist songs to give you a confidence boost

by Oct 3, 2018

These 5 feminist songs will help you succeed in beating today’s challenges

3Plus has the perfect breakfast playlist of feminist songs to give you a boost before you once again have to face the patriarchy.

Do you have a tough day ahead of you? Maybe you need some extra confidence to confront a difficult situation? Or some inspiration to help you take the steps you know you need to take, in order to make a change? Look no further. These five feminist songs are all by powerful, successful women who are here to support you. They teach us that it isn’t always easy, but you need to stand up for yourself. Our time is now.

So take a look at these lyrics, give the songs a listen, and do your part in the fight for equality.

These songs will make you feel much better about taking on your challenge. 3Plus can then give you the tools you need in our Returner Roll-Up session to further help you with Building your Confidence.

5 feminist songs

Can’t hold us down, Christina Aguilera

‘So what am I not supposed to have an opinion? Should I keep quiet just because I’m a woman?… So what do we do girls? Shout out loud. Letting them know we’re going to stand our ground.’

Women are often expected to be quieter and more subservient. It is common for men to take a woman’s quieter suggestion and loudly pass it off as their own. But this a learned behaviour. Women, don’t let men keep you down. Be proud of what you have to say. ‘Shout out loud.’

Respect, Aretha Franklin

‘All I’m asking is for a little respect…. Respect or you might walk in and find out I’m gone. I got to have a little respect.’

It can be easy take a back seat and let others take credit for your hard work. Maybe you have let yourself be pushed into a role that is beneath you, or that you don’t like as much. This is not how it should be. It is important to feel valued at work. If you work hard, you deserve the rewards. Make sure they show you ‘a little respect.’

Flawless, Beyoncé

‘We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. We say to girls you can have ambition but not too much. You should aim to be successful but not too successful, otherwise you will threaten the man…. Feminist: the person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.’

Don’t let your ambition be curbed. There are not certain roles better-suited for men, and others for women. Nor are there some characteristics that are better to hide if you are female. Men and women are equal. They can behave equally, aim equally and achieve equally. If there is a promotion coming up, put yourself forward for it. You deserve it.

It’s hard out here, Lily Allen

‘There’s a glass ceiling to break, there’s money to make. And now it’s time to speed it up…. Inequality promises that it’s here to stay. Always trust the injustice because it’s not going away.’

The fight to break the glass ceiling is an important one. It is not just that women deserve to be in positions of power at least as much as men. The important aspect is that future women need role models. It is only through seeing women in senior positions and in the spotlight that younger women will think it is possible for themselves. We need you to step up and move into a position that doesn’t necessarily welcome you. You need to push further, or inequality and injustice will be ‘here to stay.’

Mentoring is an essential way to help young women to find their feet in the workplace. Contact 3Plus NOW to learn more about our Mentoring Programmes.

Sisters are doing it for themselves, Eurythmics

‘Sisters are doing it for themselves, standing on their own two feet….Now this is a song to celebrate the conscious liberation of the female state….The inferior sex got a new exterior. We got doctors, lawyers, politicians too. Everybody take a look around, can you see there’s a woman right next to you.’

Times Up and the #MeToo movement are definitely two examples that ‘sisters are doing it for themselves.’ Women from many (not all) countries are able to study and qualify in any job a man can do. Yet there is still a huge gender gap. This is not just for pay, but also sectors worked in and positions held. If when you take a look around you can’t see ‘a woman right next to you’, or even the same number of men and women in the room, it is time to look at your hiring process.

Women are an untapped source of potential in the workforce. Don’t fall behind in the fight for top female talent. 3Plus can help you with your Executive Search and Diversity Recruitment.


Emma Frazer Editor
Emma Frazer is a feminist, footballer and Latin America aficionado. She works as a freelancer in Barcelona. Emma is the social media manager and editor for 3Plus International.

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