7 practises of the habitually punctual

by | Nov 20, 2018

Learn some good practises from people who are always on time


For some people it can seem like a distant dream, but it is possible to learn the habits required to be habitually punctual. Here are seven tips to help you.

We all know people who are persistently late. Their excuses are always either the same old tale or else something super inventive. They burst in flustered or distracted. Maybe they don’t have all the papers. Perhaps they haven’t even read them. They have no chargers for their devices or cash for the coffee. But we also know people who always arrive on time no matter what. So much so that if they are ever late, you know that they have experienced a real catastrophe. So what do the habitually punctual do to be so be so consistently reliable?


7 practises of the habitually punctual


1. They know the value of being punctual

They know well that one late person can impact a group. And they know it’s important to get there on time, or even early.They understand that sometimes this is when the real business is done.




2. They don't procrastinate. Ever

Because they are organised and structured there are rarely last-minute difficulties.Things like alarms not going off rarely happen to the habitually punctual person. They always have batteries, chargers, spare pantyhose, hand wipes, Kleenex, a nail file, concealer or a clean ironed shirt to hand.

3. They have a time management system

And use it. Whether it’s an app, a device or a hand-written calendar, they formally schedule every moment of their time, even down time. So whether it’s an important meeting, a date or a gym session it is recorded somewhere.

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4. They have time to spare

They calculate not only the time for the meeting or activity, they calculate travel time and factor in additional time to allow for unforeseen circumstances. Usually they subscribe to travel alerts and road conditions updates. They know where road construction is taking place and which rail lines are down for maintenance. They plan their route in advance.

5. They plan ahead

They are not adrenalin junkies enjoying the thrill of not knowing if they will make it on time. Instead they are organised and have planned their wardrobe, they have cash in their wallets and gas in their cars. At the appointed time, they are ready to go on the dot. They are never running late.

6. They enjoy the journey

They are not the type of person who is frantically checking for short cuts or how to shave off a few minutes by changing subway lines or walking part way. The journey is part of the process, not dead time, so they might listen to a podcast, phone their Mom or read a novel. If there is a delay they just chill it out.

7. They manage stress

They know themselves well and have good self-awareness. Usually they get enough sleep, exercise and have good relationships. They don’t need to be late to attract attention to themselves. Nor do they try and cram one more thing in before they leave. They can prioritise and are able to say no when it counts. If they say they are busy then they generally are. It might be with commitments, but they also practise self-care. Personal time is important to them and they won’t be deflected.



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