Today’s job market requires a degree of flexibility and agility that you didn’t need a decade ago.

For anyone above entry level things have changed at a fast pace and if you are looking to transition into a new job you will need to do things differently. The days when you applied for a job sent off a standard CV and got an interview are long gone. You need to up your game.

Some top strategies for successful job search

Turn off the white noise

Everyone has an opinion about how to find the dream job. One quick internet search yields 517m (yep..that’s right) results in 0.46 of a Google second. Invest time early on to identify some good sources. You will get conflicting advice from friends – probably at this stage it’s best to ignore it.

If you struggle to do this independently look for a Career Coach. Start off by checking out the 3Plus programmes.

Check your Google ranking

One of the first and critical strategies for a successful job search is to check your Google ranking to make sure you appear on the first page. Do this on someone else’s computer for a completely neutral result. Hiring managers access multiple platforms via Google and other search engines. Hannah Morgan recommends that “you have to be open to the idea that you are a brand – not a job seeker and not an employee.”  She suggests you become familiar with search engine optimisation and how it applies to yourself!

strategies for a successful job search

Narrow your search criteria

Identify the key words related to your role and sector and location. Narrowing your search criteria saves time, and increases the focus of your job search to make it targeted and strategic. “Pray and spray” methodologies don’t work. It will also protect your inbox from a tsunami of useless information.

Update your message

It’s important to update your CV to meet the criteria laid out in profiles and job adverts.  You may need multiple resumes. Take care to reflect the language of the advert. Once you send your CV in it will need to be retrievable. If the advert calls for Project Management experience use that phrase exactly.

If you decide you need a professionally written resume Donna Svei gives some excellent tips and advises not to be distracted by organisations claiming to have done a survey of the market and then rank themselves at the top! She says “Best” and “top-rated” are 100% subjective concepts. Resume writers don’t collect, rank, and publish comparative data on interviews generated — the most useful measure of a resume’s quality.”

Create a customised cover letter

Create a customized cover letter that addresses the needs of the position in question and the value you can bring to the job.  They should be relatively short and to the point. “Don’t put anything in your cover letter that isn’t in your CV” says career strategist Dorothy Dalton, Talent Management Strategist “as they frequently get separated.”

Tap into your network

Networking is still a popular way of looking for candidates with 31% of openings being filled from network referrals. Make sure you are actively networking on an ongoing basis. It is a huge turnoff for everyone to receive a desperate message from someone you haven’t heard from for a decade. Remember it’s networking not need-working.

Alison Doyle job search specialist says: “our career network should include anyone who can assist you with a job search or career move. It can include past and present co-workers, bosses, friends with similar interests, colleagues from business associations, alumni from your university, or acquaintances you have met via online networking services. Your network can also include family, neighbors, and anyone who might have a connection that will help.”

Strengthen your LinkedIn profile

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and you are leveraging all the elements which will make you easily searchable. LinkedIn is the go-to platform for recruiters. As LinkedIn move into the end-to-end HR cycle space the platform will only increase in importance. Meg Guiseppe of Executive Career Brand suggests “Your LinkedIn profile provides critical “social proof” corroborating the claims you’ve made about yourself in your other career materials (resume, biography, cover letter, other online profiles and web pages).

Research from LinkedIn also suggest that women don’t leverage the platform as effectively as men. It’s important that they re-set the balance.

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Be visible

Pull marketing is about driving traffic to you and helps you tap into opportunities that you may not know exist. So, engage online especially on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms, network personally, volunteer and participate.  Susan Joyce says “47% of employers are less likely to contact you for an interview if they can’t find you on line.”

Obviously, there is no substitute for a personal connection.

Build your Personal Advisory Board   

Look for a mentor or other well-placed network contacts who can support you through this transition. Their advice and network connections could be invaluable.

A key aspect of professional development is having role models and experienced people you can ask for help. 3Plus has a wide range of experienced Coaches and Mentors available to help you. Contact us NOW for more details.


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