Five questions to ask yourself about your Life Balance

by Dec 5, 2018

Do you have a good life balance?

Feeling out of balance is not always about work and life; it may just be about achieving a good life balance! These questions will help you do that.


There is increasingly a blended work and life balance thanks to technology and flexible working. This makes the edges of work and life more and more blurred. Whether you are resisting this change, accepting it wholeheartedly, or tentatively exploring it, you can make it work for you.

your life balance

Here are 5 questions that can help:

#1 What’s your ideal balance?

Sometimes we don’t even dare to dream of our ideal life balance because we don’t think it’s achievable. However taking some time out to visualise it can make it more real, as well as more achievable for you. When you visualise, try to get as much detail as possible. Think about watching TV in high-definition; those vivid colours are what you are looking for. Find a quiet space and ask yourself: If I had the ideal life balance, what would I be doing and saying? Where would I be? How would I feel? What sights and sounds would there be? What would shift in my thinking and behaviour?

#2 Who do you need to talk to?

You may need to speak to your partner about sharing the household chores, or reducing your work hours. Or speak to colleagues about your workload and stress levels. You may want to speak to friends about their balance? Or perhaps you want to seek out a coach who is trained to help you overcome barriers and create a plan for your future balance.

3Plus has many professional coaches, with a variety of backgrounds, who can help you. Find out more HERE.

#3 How will you take some time out?

If working on your balance is really important to you, you will need to find the time to think it through. This could mean finding a corner in your home to reflect in, going for a long walk, or attending a retreat designed to give you the ‘me time’, guidance and space that you need. After all nothing will change unless you do.

#4 Are you stepping into all four rooms?

Imagine you are made up of four rooms, and if you don’t visit each room every day you are not whole and in balance. The rooms are the following – Physical: Do you exercise? Emotional, are you in touch with how you feel? Mental: Are you getting to use your brain in the way you want to? Spiritual: Do you have time to connect with your inner wisdom? Which rooms do you visit regularly, which do you neglect and why? How do you want to make positive changes?

#5 What small action can you take?

Finally, getting an immediate win when you are making any change in your life will give you the momentum to keep going. What could you do to start getting the balance you want now, however small? You could take a lunch break once a week, have the weekend off from working, or go to a dance class. It might be about creating a schedule for the life balance you want. Good Luck.


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Jenny Garrett Contributor
Jenny Garrett is an Award Winning Coach with over 11 years experience of running a Global Business. She is a Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs – City of London and was listed in Brummell Magazines Top 30 City Innovators 2016.
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