It is time to prepare to use Facebook for job search, not just for fun


The concept of using Facebook for job search may seem odd, but it is the future, and it will help women in the workplace.

The go-to platform for head hunters and hiring managers is hands down LinkedIn. 99% of recruiters use it as a primary data base for candidate identification and sourcing. Yet research from LinkedIn also shows that women use their platform far less effectively and frequently than their male colleagues. Their platform of choice is currently Facebook. So in addition to making more and better use of LinkedIn, women also need to start tapping into Facebook for job search.

Facebook for job search

In addition to Facebook Workplace, Facebook has announced that it intends to start competing with LinkedIn for the end-to-end HR market, which includes recruitment. Programmes were tested last year in the US and Canada and have now been rolled out in 40 countries. The target market is small businesses, and the bonus feature is that Facebook users can access the service with no cost. This is great for micro-businesses, which tend to tap into local markets.

Close to home

The features of Facebook Jobs allow businesses to set up job posts, manage applications and schedule interviews via mobile devices. Potential candidates can create job alerts for the types of roles they are looking for. The international expansion, rolled out on both desktop and mobile, will position Facebook to compete with other major recruitment and job platforms.

This offering will provide rich opportunities for women to tap into Facebook for job search and career opportunities, as women tend to look for jobs closer to home. However, one of the issues will be getting over the perception that Facebook is a platform for friends and family. The recent issues on information security also make female users nervous, and setting up a separate professional page is against the terms and conditions.

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 Facebook for job search

Organisations have always posted job adverts on Facebook, but now you can also access the Facebook job board. Like LinkedIn you have to apply for the position via Facebook, which drags the relevant data from your profile. This of course means that professional information has to be there in the first place. You will need greater detail than most people already have in some of the sections, including employment and education history. After this your application shifts to the Messenger chat box of the company placing the ad, which should follow up.

Your Facebook Resume

Your Public Facebook profile is viewable to anyone and you can control most of this information. When you apply for a job using Facebook, the information in your “About” section will be visible to the employer. This section is effectively your Facebook resume.


This pulls information from various parts of your profile (which you can edit) and change who can view.

Maximise your Intro

This is a great place to showcase your value-proposition or personal brand. You have to be succinct because you only have 100 characters. Choose wisely and make sure you include key words.

Work and Education

Complete this the same way you completed your LinkedIn profile. Include your employment history and education as you do elsewhere. Make sure there are no anomalies.

Places you’ve lived

If you are looking for a job locally then this could be beneficial. If you are regionally or even internationally mobile, it may not add value and could even be a barrier.

Contact and Basic Info

This is where you add your phone number, email address, websites and social media platforms, date of birth, languages, as well as religious and political views. You can also control who can see this information and which parts they see, including the year of your date of birth. For social media platforms, only add sites you have no problem employers accessing. Pay attention also to political and religious views; you never know the affiliations of anyone viewing your profile. Bias is rife.

Family and Relationships

Personally, I would keep this blank unless your family is well connected and can be a positive influence on your application. Again, bias is everywhere.

Details About You

This is the slot where you write your unique value proposition or your pitch. You can include your key professional achievements in a compelling narrative, illustrated of course by metrics.

Life Events

What you include here is a matter of choice. This is where compromise may be required in terms of your job search on Facebook. Definitely show case education and experience plus key note speaking, patents, newspaper articles, published books or papers, volunteer work, as well as professional certifications and training.

You can also complete the Travel & Experiences section, which gives you an ideal opportunity to highlight your extra-curricular activities. It might include sporting achievements, impactful sights and specific formative experiences.

Featured Photos

On Facebook you have an opportunity to use 5 photos to tell your story and to present yourself in the best light under the “Featured” option. This is one area where women struggle as it might mean replacing personal photos of kids, nights out and other special social events. If you have any images of you speaking, winning an award or participating in something professional, this is where it goes.

Understand and control privacy settings

The following areas are visible on your public profile:

  • Status updates and comments
  • Your profile picture
  • Cover photo
  • Schools and universities
  • Employers

You can check your public profile view on your Facebook profile (not available on mobile devices) under “Who can see my stuff?”. Select public view. If you want to tighten your privacy settings, follow the Facebook instructions.


Specialists say they can pull a personality profile together from 50 likes on Facebook.This includes, gender, sexual orientation and race. So if anyone wanted to invest in learning more about you then they can. We already know that third parties have had access to your data via any apps you may have agreed to access your page. I would advise caution around completing personality quizzes because this gives clearer insight into behavioural tendencies and preferences. Basically we don’t know where this information is going. So until we do (will we ever?) a certain level of caution is wise. Cyber security experts also say that as fast as we tighten up internet security, there will always be hackers who can get around it.

So as usual the message is to keep a basic optimised professional message on key platforms. If you don’t want to use LinkedIn then using Facebook for job search will be a good option for you. As the competition between the two platform ramps up, certain openings maybe exclusive to one platform or the other. Put simply – you may need to use both.


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