Why women need to upskill their careers

by Jun 13, 2019

How women can upskill their careers

Find out how women upskill their careers, which is vital not just to boost your career progression, but to protect your employment opportunities.

One of the biggest traps women fall into in their careers is failing to keep their skill set relevant. Very often this is not always a matter of choice. Family or caring responsibilities oblige them to work in lower level jobs below their full potential. Many work part-time where sometimes they fall outside the catchment group for corporate support for fast tracking or training investment. Some fail to see that if they upskill their careers they are investing in their future.

Why upskilling is important

Upskilling or keeping your skills up to date is vital not just to boost your career progression, but to protect your employment opportunities. In a world that is changing at an incredible pace, it’s important that women do not get left behind.  Enhancing your skills can help you move forward not just professionally and but to help you grow personally.

Honing key skills shows you are interested, up to date and committed to your work. It shows you are open to potentially new and different opportunities. This is especially important for older workers who need to demonstrate their relevance in a multi-generational workforce as well as women who may have had career gaps.

For those struggling to upskill their careers it can be hard knowing where to start.

women upskill their careers

6 ways women can upskill their careers

1. Spend time on self-reflection

It seems obvious but many women spend so much time taking care of and thinking about others they don’t focus on themselves. Now is the time to sit down and really think about your longer-term vision and values and what you need to do to make those goals happen.

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2. Research

Look at the world around you. How is it being impacted by change? Read as much as you can about trends in your area of expertise. Identify your transferable skills and carry a skill set audit of which key skills you need to work on. Sometimes it’s not all about technical skills. With an increasing emphasis placed on soft skills, sometime we need to work on those too.

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3. Get out of your comfort zone

Once you’ve identified areas for development explore ways that you can acquire exposure or learn new skills. This means not just getting out of your comfort zone, but getting out there. You could try:
• Attending events –  seminars, conferences
• Taking on line courses – you are spoiled for choice
• Listening to podcasts –  ditto
• Taking classes – if they are too expensive for you privately, ask for company support. The worst thing that can happen is they so no, but in the mean time you have demonstrated your enthusiasm and motivation. In many geographies personal development is tax deductible.

It is imperative to keep moving forward with your career. That is where 3Plus can help you. Contact us now for more information on our experienced Coaching Programmes.

4. Network

A good way to learn is to reach into your network and talk to people. Identify who could be potentially helpful and informative and ask them for advice. Remember to offer something in return.

5. Put your hand up

One of the best ways to get experience is to put your hand up and ask for new responsibilities or a stretch assignment. Many women don’t communicate a change of ambition to their boss. Now might be the moment to say, ”I know that I had to focus on other things but now I want to develop my career and add value. I am open to learning and any new opportunities.”

Your boss and managers will appreciate when you show initiative and if you regularly do so with success, they may favour you when it comes to certain projects. This can help to develop your career, and can even take your career in a new direction you hadn’t previously considered.

6. General business training

There is some course which are generically useful regardless of sector. Developing an understanding of business in general, leadership, digital transformation or communication whatever your goals are will always be helpful.

When women upskill their careers, they can open doors to new and exciting opportunities. Unfortunately, many people, especially busy women, don’t make the time to focus on themselves and their careers until it’s too late and they have a problem. In today’s fast paced environment this can have a big economic impact.


If you feel like you a need some extra help to upskill your career 3Plus can help you. Contact us now for a complimentary 30 minute discussion to assess your needs.



Dorothy Dalton Administrator
Dorothy Dalton is CEO of 3Plus International. A specialist in diversity and bias conscious executive search, she supports organizations to achieve business success via gender balance, diversity and inclusion. She is CIPD qualified, and a certified coach and trainer including digital learning.
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