What the Road Can Teach You About Leadership

by | Sep 10, 2019

Leadership skills that the road can teach you

Most of us have been on a road-trip at some point, but you may be surprised to learn what leadership skills the road can teach you.

When travelling on your road trip towards your destination, you may notice that it’s not linear. There are many turns and stops, both physically and emotionally. You need to make these turns in order to arrive at your destination all in one piece. The steps that we take on a road trip are something we can take a deeper look at to apply to our daily work and personal lives. By doing so, you can develop your leadership skills. For further help with this, try 3Plus' Leadership Coaching for Women.

CarRentals has created a guide to 8 leadership lessons we learn while on the road. A lot of the actions we do to plan a road trip go overlooked, so you may not be crediting yourself enough for the leadership skills you already own. Take a look at an overview of the 8 leadership lessons we pulled from a road trip, or see here for all the lessons in detail. They include quotes from travel experts and business professionals. 

What sort of leader are you? 3Plus can help you to maximise your effectiveness as a leader with our Leadership Assessment. Find out more HERE.

Leadership Lessons Learned From Road Trips

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