Sometimes being a woman brings advantages

Being a woman in the workplace means facing discrimination, toxic masculinity and glass ceilings, but it can also mean developing the fierce skills you need to survive.

OK, so it’s not news that the patriarchy stinks. Women still come up against discrimination in the workplace, face barriers in education, and battle sexism in all walks of life. The pay gap is real. Women made $0.79 for every $1 a man earned last year. And women also represented just 6.6% of CEO’s in fortune 500 companies. 

We know all this, but the patriarchy often still rules the roost. The irony is, centuries of discrimination actually means that women have had to become mega fierce. Navigating barriers and stereotypes means we’ve got to have thick skin, work damn hard, and get inventive to achieve our goals. We have had to develop skills that aren’t even on mens’ radars. This makes women superior workers in many ways!

I’m talking about you. Yes you! Read on to discover our list of 16 splendid skills that ferocious females bring to the workplace. Skills you’ve developed because of being a woman which make you a better worker under the pesky patriarchy. Now where’s that pay rise? 

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1. You have better ideas 

In a space where no one listens to you, it means your ideas have to be twice as good. 

2. You are more conscientious 

At least all those centuries of patriarchal insecurity and paralysing self-doubt means we do a more thorough job… now if only we got the credit too.

3. You have the factor of ‘surprise’

When you have skills that go against traditional gender stereotypes, like kicking a football, or studying mathematics, at least you know you always have a secret weapon. Queue gasps and fainting.

Being a woman

4. You can juggle

No, not like at the circus. Women are often expected to take on extra ‘invisible work’ at home, like school pick ups, appointment making, and housework. But hey, it means we’re skilled at juggling tasks.

5. You are more organised

As above, as our gender is often expected to multitask. Full time work + taking on the brunt of home life tasks throughout history = organised.

6. You are a more creative problem solver

Battling barriers in education or the workplace means you have learnt to find new angles and think outside the box to solve problems and reach your goals. 

7. You’ve nailed communication 

When you aren’t naturally included into a space, you have to know how to talk your way in. 

8. You’ve got mad soft skills 

When you are scrutinised more in interviews and judged more in male spaces, being a woman means you have had to become emotionally intelligent, good communicators and persuasive in order to be accepted.

9. You’re determined

Successful females have often had to work harder and face more setbacks to get there! 

10. You can thrive out of your comfort zone 

If you have ever found yourself in a male-heavy meeting room you will be used to handling yourself outside your comfort zone. 

11. You are more honest and ethical 

A study showed 34% of American workers said that women are honest and ethical, while just 3% believed men were better.

12. You can chat AND be productive

Research shows that although women tend to send 20% more messages via chat or instant message platforms in a working day than men, they still complete 10% more work. 

13. You know your strengths… and how to play to them 

The upside of having to prove yourself all the time (jobs, interviews, sports) is that you get really damn good at knowing your own strengths, and shouting about them. 

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14. You are supportive 

In a gender segregated world, we have had to learn to support other women, bring them up with us when we can, advocate for others and work as a team.

15. You have a thick skin

Cat calls, disrespect, invisibility. Women have had to become tough to battle through daily woes and keep on going!

Being a woman

16. You can set boundaries 

In a world where you are more likely to be lumped with tasks like taking notes and making coffee, and where you are used to being objectified or judged, you have learnt to stand up and say no

So there you have it. Until we find a way to completely eliminate sexism and discrimination from our lives and workplaces, at least we can be proud of the positives being a woman in a man’s world has brought us. And hey, it will be these top skills that will help us smash the patriarchy once and for all!

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Hanna Greeman Contributor
Hanna is a languages and logistics specialist. She is currently living in Barcelona working as a Creative Copywriter.
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