8 quick hacks to stay in touch on LinkedIn

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Use these 8 quick hacks to stay in touch with your network on LinkedIn


LinkedIn offers great opportunities to maintain professional connections in a fast and efficient way.


With growing number of geographies going into total lockdown or already in some sort of confinement, everyone is looking for effective, but fast ways to stay in touch with their networks. There is an assumption that all of a sudden huge swathes of time will be released because so many people are working from home. That can’t be further from reality especially for those with kids at home and  parents are now in responsible for home schooling.

But social media is playing a great role in helping people stay in touch and feel less isolated. It also offers great opportunities to maintain professional connections in a fast and efficient way. LinkedIn in particular offers some excellent possibilities.

hacks to stay in touch on LinkedIn

8 quick hacks to stay in touch on LinkedIn

There is no need to go crazy and contact everyone in your networking. Even if you reach out to someone once a day or engage a few times a week. They are all excellent ways to stay connected. The most important thing is to do what works for you.

1. Post in your stream

Sending out updates to your network of points of relevance and interest is a great way to stay in touch. Be careful not to flood your stream. Some have more time on their hands during the lockdown crisis and especially the self-employed worry about the future of their business. This is reflected in the number of times per week they are posting. It’s important not to overdo and become an irritant. This could result in you being unfollowed and muted. Sometimes, less content especially if it’s targeted, is indeed more.

2. Add a comment

Commenting on someone’s post sends out a message saying “Hi – I’m here.” Say something that adds value and is authentic interaction. Comment on someone else’s comment too. This shows you are digging deep into the discussion which is helpful.

3. Like a post or comment

This is also helpful and contributes to the post gaining traction. If the post asks a question – it’s better to answer it with a comment, but a “like” is better than nothing.

4. Give kudos

Now is the time to investigate the “More” tab on your Home page.

Giving kudos is a way to acknowledge the efforts, work or achievements of people in your network you want to show appreciation for. When you hit this tab you will get 8 visuals with a message: thank you, going above and beyond, amazing mentor etc.  Click one and add a personal message. You can share this in your network so that others can see your appreciation.

hacks to stay in touch on LinkedIn

5. Make a recommendation

This is where you can share recognition for someone’s specific skills or contribution. Make it concise and relevant to the work you have done together.

hacks to stay in touch on LinkedIn

6. Endorse a skill

Endorsing a skill  can be a form of networking anda lovely way of staying in touch. It’s a quick and easy way to let someone know you have been on their radar with a bonus of public recognition, rather than just an email. It’s a way of leaving a digital footprint in your network while eliminating the nuisance factor. You can acknowledge skills the individuals themselves don’t recognise or perhaps they don’t even understand they have. It is really useful for introverts to have that done for them, or those starting out on the online profile path.

When you endorse someone, your name and picture will appear next to the skill on that person’s profile. They’ll also receive an email. The most endorsed skills for your connection will move to the top of the Skills & Endorsements section. Only endorse skills you can personally verify otherwise this becomes a meaningless and transactional exercise. This is a great way to recognise your 1st-degree connection by endorsing one of their skill listed on their profile:

  • Go to the profile of the 1st-degree connection.
  • Scroll down to the Skills & Endorsements section and locate those you’d like to endorse.
  • If your connection has more than three skills listed, click See [number] more skills to see their whole list of skills.
  • Click the Add icon to the right of the skill.

7. Send a message to a connection

This seems basic but many don’t use it the LinkedIn message service. You can send a message to your connections directly from the following sections:

  • Your messaging page
  • Your connections page
  • LinkedIn member’s profile page

The sent message will be visible in the recipient’s messaging list and possibly in their email inbox, depending on their LinkedIn notification settings. Some people fix their settings to block mail so you may want to check first to avoid wasting your time.

8. Leave a voice mail message

The relatively new and little used feature is great for people with little time and lots to do. It allows you to record and send voice messages up to one minute long. People speak four times faster than they type, so leaving a voice mail is more efficient and also reduces the possibility of miscommunication and conveys intention better than a typed message. We love this facility, but it is only available on mobile phones!

  • Open the LinkedIn app on your smart phone.
  • Tap the mic icon in the mobile messaging keyboard.
  • Tap and hold on the microphone in the circle to record your voice message.
  • Release your finger to send the voice message.

To cancel a voice message before sending it, slide your finger away from the microphone icon while holding it down. To listen to a LinkedIn voice mail open up any new messages in your LinkedIn in box. For voice message, click the play button.

By using these hacks to stay in touch on LinkedIn, despite not being in direct contact with people because of lockdowns you can still stay connected. Make this part of your daily networking strategy and carry it over into your routine when things return to normal. Whatever that “new normal” will be.

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