10 ways to create a post pandemic career safety net

by Apr 16, 2020

Create a post pandemic career safety net

While you have a job even if you are working remotely or on furlough, there are still certain things you can do to protect yourself and create a post pandemic career safety net.


For many who are in lock-down or on furlough, we have no idea how the world will look when this crisis is over. The new normal is a huge unknown. It really scary not knowing what the future might hold. But while you have a job even if you are working remotely or on furlough, there are still certain things you can do to protect yourself. It’s important to build a post pandemic career safety net.

Recently I worked with two clients who were let go. Both were unprepared and blindsided by the event. One was fired by email, the other over the phone. In both cases contractual obligations were followed. I have outlined below 10 ways everyone can create a career safety net. These should be followed loosely in “normal” business times but especially now in these exceptional times.


post pandemic career safety net


10 ways to create a post pandemic career safety net

1. It’s hard to keep abreast of all the horrendous news that floods into our streams. Mainly it’s a good idea to limit access to twice a day to make sure that news overload doesn’t impact your morale. But whatever happens make sure you are abreast of trends and news updates in your sector and specifically for your company. Set up Google alerts for any news statements coming from your head office or regional headquarters. Follow your company on social media if you are not doing so already.

2. Try to keep in touch with the office politics to get a better understanding of the business strategy of your organisation. Have informal chats with key people to find out what’s going on behind the scenes, without      appearing “gossipy”.

3. Make sure you have copies of all your professional information on your own personal computer or backed up and stored in a personal Cloud account. This will include performance evaluations, any emails of recognition, positive success stories or achievements. Save anything that you think will help you in your job going forward. If you are let go, your access to the server could be cut at a moments notice and you will lose access to useful information.

You should be doing this whatever the circumstances. Neither of my contacts had done this and both were disconnected from the company server immediately. One was able to negotiate one hour of supervised access.

4. Ask for recommendations from peers and superiors within your company to support your success stories. These can be posted on your LinkedIn profile for the whole world to see.

5. Look for a mentor or sponsor within the organisation or sector you can turn to for advice.

6.Focus on enhancing your external network and strengthening relationships with anyone who might be potentially helpful. You never know when you will be unexpectedly on the job market. Even if you are on lockdown you can do this virtually. I recommend reaching out to three people a day. I always say you can’t fix your roof when it’s raining and I’m saying it again! Loudly!!

7. Make sure you have updated your contact list with the email addresses and organisational information of vital contacts you want to keep in touch with at your current company. Back up your company address book of any other contacts including vendors and customers. Your network is your networth. This will save you a lot of time in the future.

post pandemic career safety net

8. Update your CV and your LinkedIn profile ready for job search at a moments notice. Having an optimised LinkedIn profile is a good way of driving traffic and job opportunities to you that you may not even have considered.

9. Look at your budgets and have a good idea of what you would ask for in terms of severance. This should include gardening leave, outplacement, health benefits etc. If you are not keen negotiation check out online resources to help you.

10. This is very specific to these times but do you have any personal devices? Many people have company phones, computers and even cars. If you don’t have a personal computer, and many don’t, start checking out prices. You may need one sooner than you think. You will also need to have it delivered to your home.

Clean up your current work computer and delete and transfer any personal information including apps, data and emails. One employer left a box my client to return her devices which were collected by a courier services. The best delay Amazon gave was 10 days, even with Amazon Prime. She negotiated returning her car after the lock-down as part of her severance.

This may seem dramatic, but it is better to be safe than sorry. By putting a post pandemic career safety net in place, you will be taking active steps to mitigate any damage and disruption. If you don’t need it, you know what to do in the next crisis.


I was so moved by the urgency of this that I made a short online Power Coaching. You can watch that HERE



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