Achievements for your LinkedIn profile post COVID19

by Jun 16, 2020

Focus on your achievements for your LinkedIn profile post Covid19


We are hearing amazing stories of achievement from women during this global pandemic, it is time to add these to your LinkedIn profile

Austrian MEP Evelyn Regner, who chairs the European parliament’s committee on women’s rights and gender equality, said “The corona crisis is female,” Women have been hardest hit by the health crisis. Women dominate the professions dealing with the pandemic in the healthcare sector from junior to more senior levels. A report from EuObserver also suggests that “Women will be disproportionately harder-hit by the economic fallout of the coronavirus than men, which could further delay bridging the gender pay gap.”

Economic impact

Women fill most of the roles in the service sector which are more likely to be laid off and furloughed. They also occupy key worker roles in supermarkets, care homes and cleaning companies. They are more likely to be working part-time at every level and be employed as gig workers which offers little employee protection.

Yet, we are hearing amazing stories of achievement from women during this global pandemic. Many are coping with a full professional work load based at home, while home schooling their children and taking on domestic chores. Others without children have gone to great lengths to support those with families. Single parents (mainly women) have been particularly hard hit because co-parenting arrangements (if they had any) were impacted. One 3Plus connection worked day and night with her team to facilitate the transfer of 3000 staff from office to home in three days.

Achievements for your LinkedIn profile post COVID19

8 achievements for your LinkedIn profile post COVID19

Reflect on how you spent your period coping with this crisis. It may not seem much to you, but it probably was. Did you:

  1. Adapt to remote working while home-schooling your kids or caring for a parent?
  2. Rapidly learn to run a remote team in record time?
  3. Support colleagues from afar?
  4. Meet your professional objectives despite the crisis?
  5. Navigate conflict and ambiguity under stressful conditions?
  6. Learn new skills and technology with minimal guidance and supervision? List them.
  7. Manage your priorities under difficult conditions?
  8. Pursue some kind of additional professional development (a bonus and should not be a pressure – you had enough to do)

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The workplace of tomorrow will be changed forever

In any interview over the next six months and probably longer you should expect to be quizzed on this. So cut to the chase and add it to your CV and LinkedIn profile. A survey from research firm Gartner indicates that 74% of organisations plan to permanently transfer employees to remote work. Another study estimates that in our post pandemic workplaces over, 30% of the global workforce will work remotely a couple of days each week. Before the pandemic, that number was in the low single digits.

Achievements for your LinkedIn profile post COVID19

To guarantee your place in the workplace of tomorrow, it’s important to showcase any achievements for your LinkedIn profile post COVID19 and to make sure they are visible. You need to highlight your adaptability, the way you can work under pressure and to demonstrate you are ready and prepared to be part of the new normal. It’s also imperative to know your way round the latest technology because those who struggle will get left behind. The experiences of the pandemic will impact our professional lives forever.





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