Reasons why businesses should hire women for this vital work

Excellent customer service is a crucial relationship-builder for businesses, and an essential service in the wake of COVID-19


Excellent customer service is a crucial relationship-builder for businesses. In highly-competitive markets, customer service differentiates successful companies from the rest. From the technological ways customers can reach you to human touch and the care that your company shows, customer support is the critical factor in your CRM management. Customer service has become an essential service in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic because of the reduced mobility and opportunity to experience features at the businesses’ premises. Among many communication channels, such as chat, email forms, and SMS, voice calls have again flourished as a preferred way to communicate. Companies that rely on phone providers like RingCentral and its competitors need top-notch customer support because it helps the customer retention and growth.

Here are some of the reasons why businesses should hire women for this vital work.


customer service


It’s a common experience shared by women and men that women are better listeners. What does being a good listener exactly mean? For example, allowing a customer to take their time to explain the issue. Or, not cutting them off with questions or solutions before they’re finished. Sounds easy, but not surprisingly, men tend to fall victim to their pursuit of efficiency, or impatience. As a result, they can sound harsh to customers that aren’t very savvy with technical wording.

Soothing voice

Even though people respond to the sound of female and male voices depending on factors such as age and gender, the fact is that women have softer voices. In situations where a customer is in distress, this is especially helpful.

customer service


Maybe empathy is our cultural conditioning, and perhaps it’s natural. But empathy is the key to calming an angry customer. Sometimes, getting offended by a customer’s impatience will reflect in the tone of voice and the pursuit of a solution. It can dig a bigger hole and make the customer even angrier. When an agent understands your situation and the reason for your frustration, it helps because you instantly feel like you’re not fighting against them. They are on your side and are genuinely looking to find the answer to your troubles.

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How often have you experienced a transfer to another department because the customer service representative didn’t have the answers? There are nuances in how invested any person is in their work, and women tend not to give up quickly before they help you find your answers.


Women train their patience for their whole life. From a young age, they learn how to be helpful and wait for others, even when their pace is too slow. No matter how many times they need to reword the answer or repeat the steps to a customer, women are capable of handling this. Patience also has to do with women being oriented towards the journey, along with achieving results. Men tend to strive for achievement, and quick resolutions, so having a slow customer can drive them crazy, reflecting in their act.

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As early as in their childhood, women learn to avoid making mistakes by being extra responsible. Maybe it has to do with the fact that they are held accountable even when they shouldn’t be. The intricate responsibility that women feel shows in their thoughtfulness when dealing with customers.

Women in customer service excel in soft skills. These skills play a role in women’s success with customer service. With the pandemic’s fuelling the rise of the collective need for human connection, and beside the increase of technological opportunities for hassle-free customer services, people appreciate the talk and human reassurance, however trivial their queries are. And women ace that.


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