Virtual Event Promotion: 3 Ideas To Try And 3 Ideas to Avoid

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Virtual Event Promotion to try, and a couple to avoid.

Promoting all events is important, but this is especially true for online events as they are new for many people.


Events are incredibly beneficial for the businesses and organizations that put them on. They can help businesses make connections, generate more sales, raise funds, build their brand and even have some fun. However, the recent Covid-19 pandemic has all but put a stop to physical events for the time being.

It simply isn’t viable to have that many people in one place at the same time, and closely interacting with one another. While companies like American Image sell great safety items like sneeze guards, branded masks and hand sanitizer dispensers, most organizers have decided to take their events online instead.

Promoting all events is important, but this is especially true for online events as they are new for many people. And while it would be lovely if all event promotion tactics used were effective, that unfortunately isn’t the case.

virtual events promotion

With that in mind, let’s go over a few virtual event promotion ideas to try, and a couple to avoid.

Event Promotion Ideas to Try

The first even promotion idea to try is to use search engine optimization (SEO). People are always searching for cool events, and you need to be sure yours is easily able to be found and discovered in these searches. Online events can be attended by anyone, so you are no longer restricted to only looking within your local area. When writing your event description, blog posts and sending out a press release, be sure to use the correct keywords that people often search for. Strong SEO can get more eyes on your content and event, which will likely lead to more attendees.

The second event promotion that is worth a try is using visual content. A key part of promoting anything is getting the attention of the public and keeping it. Using visual content is a great way to do this as it is more engaging than written content. This could be teaser videos, an infographic about the benefits of attending, or anything else you could imagine. Be sure to share these on social media, preferably with your hashtag accompanying them. You need to show people the value of your virtual trade show and what they can gain from it.

And finally, a third even promotion idea that you should try is to provide various different types of tickets. People may be bored and unengaged if all of your event tickets are the same. If you want to drum up some buzz and excite people, offer some special kinds of tickets. There could be early-bird tickets that are cheaper, VIP tickets that come with one-on-one Zoom calls with speakers/experts, or anything in between.

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Event Promotion Ideas to Avoid

Now, let’s look at a couple event promotion ideas your company or organization should avoid. One you definitely want to make sure you don’t do is to set the expectations too high. Everyone wants their event to be a success and is confident in it but be sure you are still realistic. If you build the event up to be the best thing attendees have ever done in their lives, you are bound to fail to live up to those expectations. Even if the event is perfectly fine, if it doesn’t measure up to the level you promised, people will be disappointed. Tempering expectations is very important.

Another event promotion idea to watch out for is spending a ton for a celebrity endorsement. While endorsements can be a good way to get the news of your event out there, you want to be careful not to overspend on this. Instead of paying a ton for a major celebrity to appear or mention your event, consider working with smaller local influencers. They can still get people excited about the event (potentially even more so), and will cost you a fraction of the amount. Also, with the event being online, people won’t even get the chance to meet the celebrity in person.

Virtual Event Promotion

Lastly, another event promotion idea to avoid is to announce it at the last second. Some companies will try to do this in order to get the buzz going right before the event starts, but this can often lead to failure. People generally need time ahead to plan for an event to make sure they can attend. Many also want to research the event and which companies or individuals will be there.

If you don’t announce until a few days before, most people won’t be prepared and many may avoid it altogether or have to rush to make it work, which they won’t appreciate. While it is easier to plan to attend an online event, people still need to ensure they have time off ahead of time.

Promoting an event (especially one that is done virtually) isn’t always easy, but the tips and guidelines provided in this blog post should be able to help you out and assist you in knowing what to avoid.


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